It's full or blade for bolts, burners


It's full or blade for bolts, burners

Nelson Beltran (Philippine Star) – November 9, 2018 – 12:00

MANILA, Philippines – Meralco and Phoenix Petroleum decided tonight to decide which of them will join the elite Barangay Ginebra, Magnolia and Alaska Milk teams in the final quarter of the Cup of Governors.

Screws and fuel master's duel at 7 o'clock. in Smart Araneta Coliseum, with a winner who is strange in the company of prominent teams in the semi-finals.

For Ginebro, Magnolia and Alaska, everyone has at least 11 championships. Meanwhile, Boltti doubled the finals in the PBA, but still won the crowns, while mountain masters competed in the first semifinal.

Both chase is a turning point in their do-or-die setto where the winner progresses in the top five semi-finals against Aces as Kings and Hotshots who face the other semi-finals – their first best place, the seven semi-finals at the 2017 Cup of the Philippines he went full distance.

"We expect to see a very aggressive Phoenix team, as the winner is all," said coach Meralco Norman Black, who is hoping to complete a turnaround in this quarter, where the raw are as much as the seventh seed.

The screws were placed on an equal footing with mountain masters after a median clinical victory between 90 and 74 on Wednesday, which in the later days elicited a fire.

The mountain masters took it in the re-start of 67-53, but they could not shoot on Wednesday.

"We need to move better and match and go beyond their level of energy to come to the top," Black said.

There is no doubt that Bolts will come up with the idea that they would play a strong defense as they did in their searing fees.

Meralco is on Wednesday in Phoenix.

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