Falling 76 Probe Law Firm to Investigate Bethesda – Play Rant


The bad news only keeps on coming to Bethesda Studios in greeting Falling 76, As a Washington DC law firm is discussing the idea of ​​launching a class action process against the developer. In the heart of the potential filing, Clothes Bethesda engages in physics practices in order to encourage better sales and revenue growth, all to the detriment of their customers.

The law firm of Migliaxiao & Rathod LLP took to reddit on Monday morning to look at them looking into the situation and wanted people to contact them especially if they bought the game, and then tried and failed to get a refund. As of Monday night, the post has received nearly 2,000 comments, mostly of people who are frustrated with Bethesda for launching what they feel is a rather flawed product in Falling 76.

When they give their intelligence to the process, the company made it clear that the recovery of the refund was the primary focus but they also saw real problems with the state that the game was launched. "While minor bugs and glitches are expected with the release of most new games, Falling 76 Launches with a 56GB patch that has proven to be but a starting point for the game's problems, "The Post Read.

It is clear that the law firm is knocking in a true downtown of anger among the gaming community in the way bet has been hailing his new title in which is now one, if not the longest running series the company has in his portfolio. Not long after the Reddit post went up, Migliakiobi & Rakhod claimed they had gotten such a massive response, it crashed their website.


The reported response seems consistent with the level of anger in general between gamers who anxiously awaited another chapter in the Lost Universe. Exploring a totally different time period and finally being able to explore the vastness with other players was something of the fans were looking forward to. Of course, it turns out some of the higher-ups at Bethesda eventually admitted they are more than a few nervous ways to add a multiplayer aspect to a series that has been a single player until now.

It turns Todd Howard and company has reason to be concerned. Reviews for Falling 76 There were among the worst for any game this development team had put together. Sales apparently were bad enough that the price for the game was discovered by as much as a third of the MSRP just over a week after the title first hit stores. Even their attempt to coax the price falls just like another big black Friday offering in their faces.

People who bought Falling 76 For $ 59.99 More than a few days ago, they were already annoying to the point they had conveyed to Bethesda to start handing out in-game currency as compensation. The company starring a full-blown process in the face is, at this point, only one more problem to add to the pile.

Falling 76 Is available for PC, PS4, and Xbox one.

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