You stole the data from your ex card to spoil a new girlfriend


You stole the data from your ex card to spoil a new girlfriend

Bank charges included purchasing flowers at home, real estate taxes and subscription to paid channels.


The love It's very nice, it's a feeling that inspires us and motivates us to be better people. However, there are people who take advantage of this love to commit bad deeds.

Recently, it was announced that a man was arrested stealing a former girlfriend pamper your current partner.

Yes, though it sounds like a movie surface, it's true.

Michael Fehsenfeld He was arrested on 5 October at Gatwick Airport in London, United Kingdom, when he was preparing trip to Paris next to his beloved.

Paprika is removed and given to her by a boy; ends

According to Independent, Angel Exford, a victim of fraud, has charged a man with whom he had a brief romantic relationship for two months when he noticed transactions.

As he revealed the affected Twitterwhen he saw him for the last time, he said he had it incorrectly inserted the wallet, for which she agreed that the credit card will pay the loan.

That was the last time I saw him personally. He edited everything to get the information from my card. It was very convincing, I must say hello"said the thread on the social network, which was shared over 12 thousand times.

The day after that night, Fehsenfeld revealed in his social networks his plans to spend the weekend in the spa with another girlfriend and blocked his ex.

After about a month, he began to watch Exford, a South African citizen suspicious transactions to your bank account. Someone bought with his card for a total of £ 200 pounds (a thousand 575 dollars). However, he did not suspect the identity of the thief.

His friend then carefully scrutinized the bank statement where he found a trip to Paris with two persons at the EasyJet Airport together with the corresponding booking code for the flight. When entering this information into the airline's system, it was discovered that the passengers were Michael Fehsenfeld and a companion.

Bank charges included a purchase flowers at home, property taxes, one subscription to paid channels and even a service that increases the amount of "liking" on Instagram.

I do not have a direct family in the United Kingdom. I'm 100% dependent on myself. "

On October 22, Fehsenfeld was sentenced to the Camberwell Green Court in London 26 weeks in prison two years, 150 hours working in the community and pay a compensation his former partner

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