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Trouble in Maria: New Confrontation in the Tambo Valley Photos The Chamber | Peru | Arequipa


A new confrontation between the population against the mining project Aunt Mary And the National Police registered this afternoon in Chukarapi, in the area of ​​entry to Tambo Valley (Arequipa). It is the ninth day of the indefinite strike that is the province of Islay.

Trouble in Maria: Police released roads in the middle of clashes

Trouble in t Maria: Protests in Islali leave five police officers injured

The confrontation happened in front of the barracks of Chucarapi, where Tuesday blockades were conducted. In this section the policemen who arrived at Arequipa were lodged due to the indefinite unemployment rate against Aunt Mary. Unlike what happened on Monday afternoon, this afternoon the road was blocked.

When the National Police are preparing to recover ChucarapiThere were disputes between them and the population. Law enforcement used tear gas to spread the population, which entered the farms near the road and responded by throwing stones. These shocks extend for approximately three hours.

Meanwhile, the ride is limited to the Chucarapi Road at the entrance to the Tambo Valley. The National Police have been recovering the road and protecting the area.

Aunt Mary

The confrontation in Chucarapi. (Video: Zenaida Condori)

During the confrontation a man was arrested. This is Gilberto Colque, 31, and a native of Punta de Bombón. He said at the time of his arrest he helped a lady affected by tear gas, and that was when the police attacked him. He is transferred to the chukaro medicine.

This Tuesday, 1 night, the Deputy Minister of Territorial Government, Raúl Molina, arrived in the district of Cocachacra, in the province of Islay, to have an approach with the unbeaten Strike against Aunt Mary. Molina, after listening to the Protestants, said he didn't come to the province to form a dialogue table, just listen to the populace.

The head of the Arkvipa Defense Office, Ángel María Manrique Linares, was informed The Chamber As a result of the confrontation, four people were injured: one woman had suffered a cut in the Star and Three Police Officers were hit by stones.

-Jay of unemployment in Islay

From the first hour of this Tuesday, protesters gathered in San Francisco Square, in the district of Kokachakra, to coordinate actions on the new day of indefinite unemployment.

The coordinator of Tambo ValleyMiguel Meza said the national police intervention was exaggerated. So many tear gas bombs were not necessary. Many women were injured while running and were injured. They said they would continue to support humanitarian aid to Ubinas (Moquegua), But nothing we haven't seen anything, ”Meza said.

For the unemployment co-ordinator, the fact that the National Police recovered the pan American south does not mean they have lost in their struggle. "The indefinite strike continues," he added.

-Lock in Matarani continue-

Since last Thursday, the main route for entry to the Port of Matarani (Arequipa) Was blocked by protesters against the mining project Aunt Mary.

The population has taken the lead in the rotunda and leaving hundreds of heavy-duty vehicles and trucks transporting fuel.

Until now, there is no income along the Costanera to Mokegua and Takna. It is only income for these American Pan AmericanCleared and released since yesterday.

Although Mollendo's commander, Edward Vasquez, urged them to clear the road they refused. Currently no tracks are included or left. There are strands of tracks.

Aunt Mary

(Video: Zenaida Condori)

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