This is the strangest version of Legende Zede, which you will play in your life



Author: Juan Pablo Cabrejos | 12.11-18

One of the most iconic games in the industry, Legend of Zelda is innovative for its open world and freedom, which enabled the player to explore different places and discover secrets. Now this game has already become a relic and for many it would be annoying to play it again.

Here he comes Topology of the Green: Triforce, a project that recreates this classic and transforms it into psychedelic and strange travel.

It was created by Patrick LeMieux and Stephanie Boluk, Triforce, grabbing the areas of The Legend of Zelda and on the surface of various balls, balls and cubes. The goal is to collect 3 pieces of Triforce, but with so many effects, the game becomes quite complicated and fun.

The game is free at GameJolt and takes about 15 minutes, but it has more secrets to discovering everything, You will have an interesting surprise.

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