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During last year, the agents of the Investigation Division of High Complexity Crime (Diviac) Of the National Police (PNP) And prosecutors' office against organized crime followed in the steps of the alleged criminal organization they called: The Kumulalos of the East, Group dedicated to Illegal wood traffic. The name of the band is derived from Kumala, the name of the species that extracted the most.

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The last blow occurred on Wednesday 9 at April 3 in the morning, in a joint operation in the cities of Pukallpa (Ukayali) of Iquitos (Loreto). The design was designed by Lima due to its complexity and resilience. According to sources consulted by The Chamber, & # 39;The Kumulalos of the East& # 39; they are in conjunction with the & # 39; The employers of Ukayali & # 39; and & # 39; The Dorado of the East & # 39 ;, one of the biggest organizations of Illegal wood traffic Trapped so far.


(Video: Diviq / PNP)

The intervention of a total of 111 people between police and prosecutors culminated in the capture of 12 people, including two former officials of the regional government of Ukayali and a former official of the regional government of Loreto. The police raided 16 buildings and a cell in the Pukallpa (Ukayali) penitentiary center. In addition, they caught money and cell phones.

It is important, especially its capital Pukallpa, for this range of illegal trade, because unlike other timber cities in the Peruvian jungle, Pukallpa is connected by road to Lima. The Peruvian capital is separated from Pukallpa about 700 kilometers and Lima is the end point of elite lumber and the gateway for illegal goods to international markets, mainly to the United States, Mexico and China.

Sources from the PNP to which this newspaper was oxidized reported that alleged criminal organization had been operating for about four years in the regions of Loreto, Ukayali and Lima. A not-so-well-known score indicates that at least four years ago, the criminal organization would have moved about 1,000 illegal logs. Each wooden truck is valued at S / 40,000.

The mode of operation Consistent of blinding (legalizing) illegally extracted wood from native communities in the Atalaya area (Ukayali), with official documents to which they would have agreed collusion with regional officials from Loreto and Ukayali. On the papers, the wood was allegedly extracted in Loreto and then moved to Ukayali to be transformed into savages.

The 12 captured, including their ringleaders, would face criminal charges for crimes against public administration, crime against public faith (documentary falsification) and against organized crime. The prosecutor in charge of the investigation is Lucia Sally Rosas Gerero.

– Police follow-up
One of the keys to the police investigation that allowed the authorities to detect illegality in the traceability of the wood is that the band placed false data from the boats and pilots in the forest transfer guides (GTF), a document that agrees with them. Forestry law should be the guarantee of legality in the transport, transformation and marketing of wood.

As he had informed The Chamber In previous reports, the price of Gtf on the black market depends on the volume of the cargo and the kinds of wood being marketed. As these are official documents (sealed and validated by the forest authority), it is easier to better control controls and whiten the wood. As the authorities have warned, the illegal traffic of wood is a millionaire business that is possible because of the collusion between mafias, forest authorities, processors, transporters and many times the police themselves.

"All of the remaining wood was included. Lima and Colao, not detected by the personnel of the control boards of the regional governments of Loreto, Ukayali, Huanuko, and the National Forestry and Wildlife Service," a source said. Who preferred not to be identified.

– Lack of illegality –
According to PnP information, the alleged criminal organization would have extracted wood from native communities in Atalaya (Ukayali) in areas with no extraction permit. The band has hired forest managers in Loreto to design documents such as the General Forest Management Plan (PGMF) and the announcer operative plan (AOP), documents that must be submitted by law to all holders of success, permits or permit before cutting down. Forest. This is to say that the volume of wood in documents was extracted from Loreto.

Following this, they submitted the documents before the Regional Environmental Authority (ARA) of LORETO, where they developed and approved forest use permits selected with regional servers (at this point they simulated an in-situ verification of the forest). The process continued with the emission of the GTFs (to simulate a supposedly floating transfer of wood from Loreto to Pucalklpa).

In this just the documents are filled with false information. Once they had all the documents, the next step was to transform the roundwood (trunks) into the pucks of the pucks. After that, they published catalogs (in collusion with the forest authority of Ukayali) and the GTFs for land transport of the wood to Lima. With all the steps the wood is finally bleached.

According to information from the Divi, alleged criminal gang is headed by Hitler Pérez Rodríguez, "Pitirri & # 39; who has been accusing his wife Maury Cardenas Panduro," Muri & # 39; both captured In the Megaoperatoro. The defense of the regional government of Loreto, Armando Shuna Fababa, Shuna & # 39 ;, in Puccalpa the former regional official arrested are Ricardo Segundo Mayhuasque Hernández, & # 39; Ricardo & # 39; And Lister Elías Ramírez Bardales, & # 39; Lists & # 39 ;.

The list of detains also includes the financial assumptions: Rodolfo Monteluita Barbaran, & # 39;; Orlando Montalvo Cubas, & # 39; Orlando & # 39; And George Cardinal Salazar Gordiño & # 39; Or & # 39; Coco & # 39 ;. The other processors were arrested in Pucallpa: Graciela Cárdenas Panduro, & # 39; Chelita & # 39 ;, Jean Carlo Cárdenas Panduro, & Gordo & # 39 ;, Jorge Miguel Aguirre Villacrez, & Yoyo & # 39; And Diago Jacomo Pérez Cárdenas, "Diago", the last being intervened in the prison of Pukallpa where he is already held. The accused was also arrested as the handler in Iquitos, Frankess Padilla Ramirez, & # 39; Francis & # 39;. The last of these fourteen to be arrested Mario Vasquez Rodríguez, Mario & # 39;, is charged as responsible for the extraction and storage of wood.

The Forestry Engineer of the Institute of Forestry and Environmental Studies – Kenila, Lucila Pautrat, emphasized that, in recent years, the divide's fight against forest crimes has been the focus of the fight, and the prosecutor's office has focused on identifying the range of Criminal organization and sources of financing, apart from focusing only on the seizure of wood.

"This is important news and I think it will have a positive impact, and now we hope that these charges will be presented and that a judicial process will begin that will have good results," said Pautrat.

The PNP reported that the detainees were transferred to the Prefecture of Lima. In the next few hours they would be presented by the authorities.

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