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The paper house 4: Tatiana, the mouse up the sleeve or the worst nightmare of Professor and the robbers in season 4? | Theory | TV | Series


Tatiana in the paper house 4 | Season 4 | "The Paper House" Opening of its third season Netflix And fans are still in shock after seeing the eight chapters of non-English-speaking production with more impact on the streaming platform. Fans today ask themselves when the new season will come, and, higher, what will happen and how the bank assault on Spain will end.

In this framework, some theories have been created about the outcome "The Paper House". One of them was born in Berlin, where Professor Berlin and Palermo are planning a few years earlier, to steal the National Mint and Master Factory and the Bank of Spain, and one who could save the gang of athletes more. Darling in the European country.

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In the question, Berlin tells us that he is in love with an artist by name Tatiana (Diana Gomez)Which provided all the details about Spain's bankroll, which his brother did not like. Sergio felt that Tatiana could betray them at some point. In addition, the professor stressed that falling love with a co-worker could have serious consequences.

It is worth mentioning that, according to Cnet, the name of the actress playing the character was credited in the Episode 8 of the series; However, there is no way we can see it, at least not at first glance.

That said, Will Tatiana be the main piece of season practice?

1. TATIANA will help in the capture of the attraction band

How can I do this? Just remember the conversation between them Teacher And Berlin In the past, when Tatiana first appeared, Berlin expressed her desire to know in detail the plan of the theft of Spain's bank robbery in order to get to know the robber's cases and to consider The resistance Corner may intervene in the operation.

Now I can do it from the outside and look for the professor and help him get the gold and team members alive. Or it could be inside the bench, camouflaged among the hostages, since seeing the airships throw the money, Tatiana could have deducted that the plan was underway and would go to the bank to take part in the theft.

2. TATIANA BITRES The volume and the teacher

Another thing that doesn't sound crazy is the betrayal of Tatiana To Berlin and the professor. Precisely in the story of the past, Sergio told Berlin that it was a bad idea that he would tell Tatiana all these plans, because being a thief was something they could publish and reveal all the details.

The theory is credible. In the recent chapters, the Inspector Alicia Sierra sends her subordinates to reward those who know where to go and the plans he has to finally steal from the bank. This can make Tatiana talk and take the juicy money.

The questions that season 4 of La casa de papel must answer

  • What will be the next move of the teacher?

The professor believes that Lisbon was executed, so the theft is now personal to him. His revenge face at the end of the season suggests that the first police armored car was destroyed only in the beginning. In the fourth season, he would have no mercy and it would make mistakes that could cost him dearly.

Inspector Sierra one of her best cards: She shot down Nairobi. It is not known what will happen, but it is clear that these robbers have surgery skills, so they can intervene to save you. However, if he dies, this will be a blow to all fans.

  • What role will actress Belén Cuesta play?

The actress Belén Cuesta appeared among the hostage group. In the last episodes of the season, he had flying appearances and left an endless number of theories about his participation in the fourth season. It would not be fetched that Cuesta played a fundamental role in the resurgence of robbers.

  • What Will The Teacher Do With Rio Confession?

It is very likely that the professor recorded Rio's confession when he explained the torture he was subjected to when he was captured. When will the teacher make public recording? I can help the band continue to put public opinion in their favor.

  • What will happen to state secrets?

The band still has red boxes with the secrets of interior ministry, exteriors, intelligence and details about the state's reserved funds. As much as there was a disinfecting war initiated by Alicia, they might well find some secret with which to extend the state, right?

  • What will be the great escape plan?

It is now difficult to judge as the flight will be, especially if we take into account the seemingly impossible option to emulate his former evasion, because the underground exits are subject to absolute control.

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