The client finds three human teeth in the McDonald's hamburger

These pieces are measured from four to eight millimeters long, and the US company does not know how they got to one of their orders.

The Health Center in Canazawa (Ishikawa, Japan) announced that the items found by McDonald's buyer in McMuffin's lamb in August last August are pieces of a broken human tooth, measuring four to eight millimeters, the portal reported. Asiaone.

The victim realized the situation when he ate this sandwich: in the mind that it contains some strange parts, he decided to hand it over to the authorities.

Consumption of McDonald's salad causes an outbreak of cyclosporase in the US with nearly 400 confirmed cases

The sanitary service received an official report from McDonald's headquarters in Japan, in which this restaurant chain claims to have investigated both the Japanese factory in Aichi Prefecture – where it was made – and the second headquarters in the United States.

Although he could not figure out how these parts of the tooth ended with one of his orders, a representative of this company in Japan said that they would "work hard" in order to serve the products that their customers could enjoy.

RT, November 9, 2018

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