Rafael Amaya, protagonist of “The Lord of the Skies”, after sinking into drugs and alcohol: “I lost my peace”


Rafael Amaya, also known as the ‘Lord of Heaven’, Repaired publicly after undergoing rehabilitation for his addiction. With two years ago, the Mexican actor had to leave the hit series after sinking in Drugs and alcoholCuriously, the world in which his own fictional character lives.

In a recent interview, the 43-year-old star sported an improved face after receiving professional care for her mental and health crisis. Though Fell deep into the addictionsHe did not ask for help and only his loved ones were with him so he could overcome this painful stage of his life.

I lost my inner peace, the love I had for my family and my job. Gradually I submerged In the dark mud of alcohol and drugs, Living all the possible excesses that were and were “, said the protagonist of”The Lord of the heavens“To the magazine People in Spanish.

He felt like the ‘Lord of Heaven’

In this post, they reveal this Raphael Amaya He was admitted to the Baja del Sol Clinic, which belonged to former boxer Julio César Chávez. Upon arrival, he still had psychiatric attacks and Seemed to continue in the role of Aurelio Casillas, the famous drug trafficker That he interpreted for the Telemundo series. In a few months, he was able to move forward with his recovery.

“We did not mean to tell him, but we did He got a little psychotic, still believing himself ‘the lord of heaven’. But the days are gone and now months and Rafa’s evolution was incredible, “said the former boxer.

“I’m a human, I’m not a robot,” he said. Amaya After being rehabilitated from drug and alcohol addiction, he ended up quitting Mexican fiction in 2018. “I’m carried away from alcohol, banalities. I was blinded by the dark coat of drug addiction”.


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