Peruvian Medical Federation announces indefinite national strike for January 2021

D Peruvian Medical Federation (FMP) Announced the restart of a Indefinite National Strike From 13 January 2021, demanded an increase in the budget for the health sector, as well as better working and salary conditions.

Godofredo Talavera, president of the Faroese Medical Federation, told Channel N that the measure of struggle was not only from the medical union, but from all health workers.

“In view of the insensitivity of the government and the lack of dialogue of our Minister of Health (Pillar Mazzetti), we are forced to restart the indefinite national strike on January 13, 2021. There is no increase in the budget of the health sector “, – explained the doctor.

He pointed out that without a budget one can not reflect the initial level of patients. He added that in this sector there is a lack of supplies and equipment in the pandemic due to Cavid -19.

Finally, Talavera argued that it was also a breach of the agreements that were shown in the minutes regarding the third phase of the salary scale for all workers in the health sector.

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