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On the assumption that Melissa Klug would have an affair with footballer Juan Manuel Vargas and that this would cause Jefferson Farfán to oppose the Universitario de Deportes side, Evelyn Vela said that these voices are not surprising.

"If anything happened, we should ask Melissa, I can not miss these kinds of voices (supposedly romance) because they already existed before. What happened during a party, a street or a home are things that remain." Yes, We went to the house of Juan Manuel because we are very close to his mom, "said the Queen of the South in the Válgame Dios program.


Meanwhile, Melissa Klug denied that she had an affair with Vargas.

"Crazy One" has been my friend for 16 years, more so since he is meeting with Jefferson. They are speculating and saying things that are not. I know a "Crazy" and his family a while ago, "he said.

At that time, it was said that you were with your brother "Crazy" …
I have nothing to do with "Crazy" or with my brother. What unites us, as I repeat, is a nice friendship for 16 years and his beautiful family. When they say what they want.


After clarifying that she had nothing to do with Vargas, Melissa bagged her bags to fly with her children to Aruba and spend a short vacation.

"I'm going on a trip with the youngest children, my Farfancitos." My daughters remain because they have classes. Giane and Samy went to Máncora to record a video of "influences." Meli is in the exams, "he said.

"Blanca de Chucuito" also showed that her relationship with Ítalo Valcárcel is good and that she returned from Mexico the previous Monday.
"We went because his friend invited him to a children's shower, became" paws "when Italo played in football in Mexico, then we did some visits and visited museums," he explained.

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