Instagram: Alejandra Guzmán takes care of her controversial aesthetic treatment Economy | TV | Farándula


Alejandra Guzman he used his account Instagram in order to share the consequences of the controversial beauty treatment that he invested years ago and which jeopardized his life.

In the video you can see a Mexican artist playing with his dog in the pool, but what attracts the attention of the followers of "Ale" are the scars in her derriere. Labels are a product of methacrylate extraction, a substance used to increase the buttock.

After the publication, many followers Alejandra Guzmán v Instagram They appealed to his power and courage to continue, while others criticized his appearance.

During the months of treatment, a Mexican artist overcame a health problem and several surgical procedures, which often threatened life.

As far as is known, Alejandra Guzmán He has received more than three operations to remove dangerous material from the buttocks.

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