Guardiola replied to Dani Alves: I love sex


Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola responded to Dani Alves, who said that Barcelona coach was "better than sex".

The Brazilian commented on a documentary about Guardiola's conquest in Barcelona, ​​where they won two titles La Liga and the Champions League twice.

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"I love sex," said Guardiola, who smiled at the question of Alves's comment. "With a lot!"

Pep has completed a pre-Derby Conference on Manchester United on Sunday, which, however, will not define his team's campaign, but he is ready to avoid a repeat of the last season.

The city had control of United on a match at Etihad Stadium, when they won with two goals in the first half, but United won in the second half 3-2.

"We have to play well," Guardiola said at a press conference on Friday. "If you play well, we have the chance to win, you can not imagine that we will play amazingly with the best teams for 90 minutes."

"I would like to play the same game as the previous season when we were 75 minutes, but United showed us they only need 10 or 15 minutes to create opportunities."

"When they have a ball, they can create something because they have incredible talent."



According to Football Leaks, the Paris team and Manchester City received a million-dollar investment from Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, which was covered by UEFA.

Both teams are in good shape, with Seventh City United on the winning series of three matches and City League leaders, who lost 11 matches in all competitions.

Guardiola is ready to fight, but he thinks the game came too early to have a significant impact on the title race.

"We are in November, so maybe the game at Old Trafford (March) is more decisive," the Spaniards said. "Of course we are on the right track, even United, it's a good derby, they are all special."

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The coach reiterated his belief in the club after accusations that they avoided the rules of a financial fair game.

"If people want to undermine what we have done, there is no problem," he said. "We live a life, opinions are opinions, I said that I have great trust in the club."

"If anything is wrong, we will be fined, FIFA or UEFA, if we are wrong, if we make a mistake, we will accept it, but I listen to what my club has told me and trust them."

The accusations against the site arise from the publication of Football Leaks documents, which include emails, contracts and presentations.

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