Get to know the new MacOS Mojave 10.14.2 and Safari 69 bets


New improvements come with testing the latest versions of Apple and the browser

Rafael Maldonado

Apple he posted the following bets from his desktop operating system and his web browser MacOS 10.14.2 in Safari 69 preview. Despite the fact that the products that the company recently started, as in the case Mojave, Apple continues to work with updates that allow you to improve the performance of your systems.

MacOS 10.14.2 brings the majority, improve efficiency and stability, especially after the previous version of the system that introduced the call group FaceTime, and the operation of which was affected by operating system failures.

Beta Safari, is called the company's browser Safari preview and in his version 69 we can see changes in the darkness's compatibility MacOS Mojave and websites that have this active feature.

Safari will better adapt to the dark mode

Beta Mojave already available through the developer program Apple, so if you are part of this group, you can access version 10.14.2 operating system. Opposite, Safari 69 preview It is available to everyone on the official website, without the need for accreditation as a developer.

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