Fatalities come back better than ever


It seems that it was only yesterday that we saw for the first time the "little machines" Mortal Kombat Through the city. At this time, the Street Fighter II was the king of the arcades and there was no one who could compete with him or so, but the play Americans need to challenge the king to take subjects and show an increase in violence that has never seen before.

Since then, we have played all kinds of sequels and Spin off, Titles that belong to the series, but that we hardly remember good or interesting and say the truth, even Mortal Kombat X They found that "something special" that made it stand out, rather it felt like something had to go on sale to meet the development cycles.

Mortal Kombat 11 Not so, the developer has learned all his lessons learned from the community and created a play That feels solid, designed for the player Hardcore Feel at home, with both the combat system and all the more content, while the casual player can enjoy the story mode and other modes with adjustable difficulty.

Genuine combination mortal

There are many things to emphasize, first is the system of Fights That feels much more polished and refined, which incorporates many of the ideas of the past, but with more careful movements and animations that are ultimately reflected in more striking fights. Combos More spectacular.

Laffong fans will benefit from the new ones Combos, While those who are playing for the first time Mortal Kombat They can learn to To play Thanks to the tutorial that takes you by hand, from the most essential movements to the most advanced specials, so when you play online it is not such a great disparity.

What has always been the series is this Violence, But now they really got creative with this aspect. The Fatalities, Brutalities And other movements are really bloodthirsty, in fact, there are those who think of this level Graphic violence It is superfluous, so we recommend a lot of caution, although there is nothing more than imagination science fiction, Definitely not suitable for anyone, much less for small ones.

Review everything you know

The story mode is long, not because it contains many FightsBut broad animations that tell the story in more detail. If you're a rookie you're going to really enjoy this mode that is really quite entertaining, but the players who were fighting against the forces of evil since the first play They need to review everything they have seen over the years, even when there are new enemies and the plot is completely original, figures from the past, like Shao Chan come back to torment the heroes, and suddenly it is necessary To know what he is and what he did in the past, to put the whole plot into context.

Infinity of things to discover

In addition to the history mode, there is more to discover. There are those towers, which is something like the way Arcade Wherever Fights And even the host you can see the end of your character. It is online mode that offers, among other things, the possibility of participating in tournaments. By connecting to the Internet and meeting daily challenges you receive rewards that are used for the personalized mode, where you can adjust the fighters to your taste, that is, with the fighting style that best suits as well as with Things That serve as modifiers.

The Crypta is still one of the favorites and with everything you generate in each Quarrel You can go unloading new costumes, art, music and, of course, new tattoos for all the characters.

In general, Mortal Kombat 11 It is quite a lot to do, the only thing that keeps us upset now is that they resort to the season to add new ones. Fighters. Pay extra for fighters feels like a low blow to the pocket, otherwise it is highly recommended as long as they have tolerance Graphic violence.

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