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Crystal Vs. Zulia LIVE ONLINE watch match DIRECTV LIVE from the Maracaibo Stadium in Venezuela for the round of 16th of the 2019 South American Cup | Watch Free TV Confirmed alignments | VIDEO | LIVE | Photo 1 of 1 | South American Cup


Sporting Cristal vs. Zulia LIVE | LIVE | DIRECTV SPORTS | Facebook Live | At the first leg of the round 16 at the Patchersho Romero Stadium South American Cup. Both squads leave with their best elf to take the first big step to the next stage of the contest, in which they hope to be one of the candidates to grab the cup. It will be the first time that both teams face each other in an international tournament, so the duel will be recorded in the history of world football. Only one can celebrate at the end of ninety minutes of play. Do you have your favorite team to win this afternoon in the Venezuelan venue?

The duel found the first goal by a shot of Frank Felcher, who had the benefit of a center to overcome the resistance of Patricio Álvarez in the 15 minutes of the second half of the game.

Sporting Crystal Vs. Zulia FC He emotionally won the goal and both cast advanced lines in search of a new score.

Sporting Crystal Vs. Zulia FC: confirmed line ups:

Sporting Cristal: Patricio Alvarez, Johan Madrid, Renzo Revoredo, Omar Merlo, Nilson Loyola, Jorge Cazulo, Horacio Calcaterra, Cristian Ortiz Ortiz, Martín Távara, Christofer Gonzales and Cristian Palacios.

Zulia FC: Leo Morales; Daniel Rivillo, Andrés Maldonado, Jerry León, Gabriel Benitez; José Martínez, Evelio Hernández, Albert Zambrano, Frank Feltscher; Brayan Moya, Junior Walls.

Sporting Crystal Vs. Zulia FC: Minutes to Minutes

Sporting Crystal Vs. Zulia FC: The preview

Sporting Crystal and Zulia FC They clash today for the 16th round of the South American Cup. The celestial ones go with their best weapons to ensure the classification to the quarters. Claudio Vivas will hit its "credentials", which played nine games and Cisenko's triumphs. Cristian Palacios, Christofer Gonzales and Cristian Ortiz are & # 39; This season has 25 goals in the local tournament, the Copa Libertadores and the Copa Sudamericana. The Uruguayan Christian Palaces is a spearhead with twelve goals since arriving in the squad at the beginning of the year. Four of these targets are produced in the Copa Libertadores and one in Copa Sudamericana. Ten of these notes are made by the celestial when they coincided in the field. The DT won't save anything for today. The celestial ones want to make history in this international tournament.

Sporting Cristal He competes in the South American after finishing third in his Libertadores group after the Paraguayan Olympia and Argentine GoDoy Cruises.

Where To Watch Sporting Cristal Zulia FC for the Copa Sudamericana 2019?

Sporting Crystal Vs. Zulia FC: Here you can see the alignments: With Christian Palaces! It will be Sporting Cristal and Zulia FC for the 2019 Copa Sudamericana [FOTOS]

The encounter between Sporting Crystal and Zulia FC It is scheduled for 3 PM. (Peruvian time). The duel transmission between & # 39; celestial & # 39; And & # 39; Tankers & # 39; Will be in charge of DIRECTV But also DEPOR.COM It will offer you all the details, the goals and the minute to minute.

Sporting Cristal This overwhelmingly won the Chelean Spanish League 6-0 in the second phase, partly with the slightest advantage of prevailing in this duel, which will be played in the hot city of Maracaibo, in the west of the country, where the temperature can exceed 40 degrees Centigrade.

Sporting crystal traveled to Venezuela. (América TV)

Sporting crystal traveled to Venezuela. (América TV)

Zulia Get to this duel earlier Sporting Cristal Lack of rhythm as he has not played an official match since last June 15, when he was eliminated by half-finals of Venezuelan football against minors.

"We travel with great enthusiasm and enthusiasm and with the expectation of creating a key that allows us to grow as a team.
We've seen all the matches Zulia He played and we have good knowledge. But most importantly, we'll be doing this in 180 minutes, "Claudio Vivas said before leaving for Venezuela.

"We are good at defending ourselves, but that does not mean that we will not seek the victory. We are at home and we will make the best possible result," said the pilot. ZuliaAlbert Zambrano

The celestial voyage on Sunday to Venezuela and the good news of the trip was given by Claudio Vivas himself: Sporting Cristal Will face Zulia With your best team. These reminders are in good condition and the DT cannot stop smiling.

Only patriotic arse has discomfort, but he will not have any problems. In addition, Cristian Palacios and Horacio Calcaterra, who were in doubt, are ready to get a good result in the first leg.

The return between Sporting Cristal vs. Zulia It will be played on Tuesday, July 30, at 5.15 pm. In the Alejandro Villanueva stadium (matute)

Sporting Crystal Vs. Zulia FC: World timetables

3:00 PM – Peru, Colombia, Ecuador
3:00 PM – United States (New York +1, Washington +1, Florida +1, Nevada -2)
4:00 PM – Bolivia, Venezuela
5:00 PM – Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Paraguay
5:00 PM – Brazil
8:00 PM – United Kingdom
9:00 PM – Spain, France, Italy, Germany

Sporting Crystal Vs. Zulia FC: Final results

2/6 University Alliance 1-1 Sport Crystal
8/6 Sporting Cristal 3-1 Binational
23/6 Athletic Alliance 0-2 Sports Crystal
30/6 Atlético Grau 1-3 Sporting Cristal
6/7 Sporting Crystal 1-1 Sesar Valejo
13/7 Sport 3-0 Sport Crystal Huankayo
19/7 Aliana Lima 2-1 Sporting Crystal

19/5 Zulia 1-0 Deportivo Lara
22/5 Zulia 2-1 Palestinian
25 / Zulia 3-2 Caracas
29/5 Palestinian 0-1 Zulia
3/6 Caracas 1-2 Zulia
9/6 Zulia 0-0 Giana Miners
16/6 Guayana miners 4-3 Zulia

Sporting Crystal Vs. ZULIA: That's how the major bookmakers pay

Betting housesZulia Draw Sporting Cristal
I bet you2.203.203.15

Sporting Crystal Vs. Zulia: probable alignments

Zulia: Leo Morales; Gabriel Benitez, Andrés Maldonado, Jerry León, Leonardo de la Hoz; Albert Zambrano, Evelio Hernández, José Martínez, Frank Feltscher; Younger Paredes and Brian Moya.
Coach : Francesco Stifano.

Sports Crystal: Patricio Álvarez; Johan Madrid, Omar Merlo, Gianfranco Chavez, Jair Céspedes; Jorge Cazulo (or Carlos Lobatón), Cristian Ortiz, Horacio Calcaterra, Christofer Gonzales; Palace of Christians and Fernando Pacheko.
Coach: Claudio Vivas.

Judge Ivory Aquino from Paraguay
Stadium: José Encarnación "Pachencho" Romero de Maracaibo.
Time: 3 pm (Peruvian time

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