Colombian influenza wanted to be sexy with a costume, but compared to Tigress del Oriente


Andrea Valdiri Is a Colombian influenza, model and singer who became the target of jokes for this appearance when she wanted to be sexy in a dress "Aquavoman". However, nets have compared it to these Tigress of the East.

In your account Instagram"Shared a video where he was an eccentric suit that provoked a series of comments among his followers who did not criticize.

"Spectacular, though It looks like the Tigress of the East. I had to say so"" Would have left the natural hair "and" East-Young Tigress "are some of the phrases.

Meanwhile, some chose to praise you as "beautiful as always", "Impregnated diva"," You don't stop surprising "and" this old woman is from another planet ".

In the video that did More than half a million reproductionsAlso, the dancer is seen wearing a blue body, fish fins, high heels and copper-colored hair.

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