Brews without control: MTC filed a criminal complaint against the responsible # notepages | Lima | Transportation


The Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) Filed a criminal complaint against the responsible for violating the system of issuing driver's licenses at the national level.

This action was filed by the Public Prosecutor of the MTK for the alleged offense of issuing a Falsus Medical Certificate and Genetic Falshad, said the Pervyuan State's portfolio.

The Commerce, By a campaign report # Notepages, Shown how some organizations act to propose & # 39; express & # 39; Services that require the necessary control of the correct issuance of professional licenses for public transport.

In this framework, the MTC ordered the reorganization of the Traffic and Road Safety Directorate of the General Directorate of Land Transport and a computer control of the National System of Drivers.

– Bypassing the law –
One of the locations is Al Corregidor Medical Center, located in Blok 2 from Trinidad Moran Avenue, in Lins. As it was stated in the report of the journal, all medical evaluations were skipped to release the certificate in less than 15 minutes.

It was also discovered as the T-Approve Driving School, also in Lince, offered secure facilities. To bypass the biometric control of compulsory classes by means of fingerprint cloning. The workers used silicone cocks to copy the fingerprint and use them in the days that the mandatory 55-hour driving lessons must be met.

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