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Today is the first big Copa Libertadores 2018 final | The crisis of the century in search of glory will take place in the mythical Bombonera de Boca Juniors, (first leg), where xeneizes receive River Plate until the end of the year Copa Libertadores 2018 today at 2:00 pm in Peru (4:00 pm in Argentina, 2:00 in Colombia, 4:00 in Chile, 1:00 pm in Mexico and 12:00 pm / 2 pm PT in the United States) with an expectation that has never been seen in the world.

He has millions of unresolved results that affect the mood and health of his fans for several days and leads to divorce and couples between friends and relatives. Such an exciting rivalry that will grow since this Saturday, when Argentine clubs meet at the La Bombonera Stadium in the first of two Copa Libertadores finals, which was unprecedented in the history of the centenary continental tournament.

This definition is the one that sets the classics today Boca-river in a separate category to other emblematic matches of world football, such as Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​which captures millions in the world for their glamor and numbers, but have never crossed into a league title match.

"Mouth in River He put Argentine football in a place where he has never been, "said coach Boca, Guillermo Barros Schelotto, in the preview of the first shock. "Argentine football is penalized for the results at the election level … over what's going on, today the world is talking about this finale, and this is a very important achievement."

"We will play a special historical game and we are privileged to be able to live," agreed his colleague from the river, Marcelo Gallardo.

Bottle – river: history

Boca Juniors are trying to win the seventh Pokal Libertadores his history and thus equivalent to the record of his compatriot Independent, nickname "King of Cups". River Plate He won only three.

Bottle – river: time and channel

Timetables in the world

Argentina: 16:00
Mexico: 14:00 hours
Colombia: 14:00
Peru: 14:00
Uruguay: 16:00
United States: 11:00 ET / 14:00 PT

Official transmission channels

FOX Sport
Colombia: FOX Sports
Spain: #Vamos
USA: FOX football game
Mexico: FOX Sports
Peru: FOX Sports
Venezuela: FOX Sports
Chile: FOX Sports
Ecuador: FOX Sports

VIDEO | Boca – River: AFA launches an emotional place to promote the 2018 Copa Libertadores final

The Argentine Football Association (AFA) has made a move on the video of the Copa Libertadores final, featuring Boca Juniors and River Plate

The Argentine Football Association (AFA) made a moving video on the Copa Libertadores finals, featuring Boca Juniors and River Plate (Video: YouTube)

• Boca – river: how teams come to the finals

Every one classics otherwise, and ultimately, the ancestors do not count, he says. River, but is a step forward in the forecast against his lifelong rival, Mouth.

First, it shows a more consolidated collective game, with a pair of central markers (Jonatan Maidana and Javier Pinola), which takes on great risks in hand and is the genesis of the attack. In the middle of the middle of Gonzalo Martínez, in a state of deceptive hits against Boci and Exequiel Palacios, today are the most decisive players of the group of millionaires, due to dynamic and tactical reduction. It is unlikely that both will continue in the river next year. The first is Atlanta United of MLS, while Palacios is on Real Madrid's agenda.

And in the attack, the Colombian Rafael Santos Borré was decisive in the last series of Libertadores. Every ambitious champion needs a solid goalkeeper. Franco Armani, since coming to the river early this year, has finished all the stands in the position.

Confidentiality River Plate these are the absence of Captain Leonard Ponzi, the head of the media, and Gallardo himself, who will not be able to step into the La Bombonera stadium and will have to stay on Saturday, November 24th, on the platforms in the revans. This was determined by CONMEBOL after failing to meet the previous break in the semi-finals against Gremi.

"Gallardo is the head of the team and does not have a big loss," Maidana said. "But the campus has experienced people who will be trying to lead us out of the bank. We are a very strong group and we are ready to face this challenge."

Boca Juniors It does not look like a string, but it relies on the abundance of its numbers. Today you can afford to leave Carlos Tevez, Fernando Gago and Colombian Edwin Cardon on the bench. In the attack, Ramón Abila and Darío Benedetto are in grace in two miles. This has reached three goals in the semifinals series against Palmeiras.

"If we can do one or two goals better, we always keep our goal to zero. Be well-centered and better resolved in the Boce court," Colonel Pablo Pérez said.

Mouth is always defined as a visitor in the elimination phase of the current Libertadores. In each series he scored two goals.

Barros Schelotto In 2000, 2001 and 2003 he won three Libertadores. Marcelo Gallardo also in 1996, but he led the river to the third continental trophy and as a coach in 2015.

Gallardo, who sits on the bench, leads 3-2 in the history of the clash. His most important victory was in the final of the Argentine Super Cup this March.

"It has nothing to do with previous matches," explained Barros Schelotto. "This is a very studied finale, I think it will be very good to fight and debate from football and very evenly."

They must pay special attention to both warnings. Among them, ten players are accumulated in yellow, so if Chile's referee Roberto Tobar gets the second, they will be postponed to play back. Maidana, Pinola, Martínez, in the river and Pérez in Boca are some of them.

The end result has changed the mood in Argentina, where the majority of the population of approximately 40 million people has shared the passion between the river and the Boca.

President Mauricio Macri, a recognized lover Mouth, who had been chairing it for over a decade, tried to meet Gallardo with a wrong mandate during an official act. A few days ago, their couple of newborn Enzo River Plate Bejarano registered in the civil registry.

In the media, cardiologists and psychologists advise abundantly, so football matches do not become the cause of death or stress. Similarly, the appearance of security officials was repeated to ensure that everything goes smoothly, although paradoxically there will be no one to visit the public at any stadium. Argentina has been banned since 2013, with a few exceptions.

"The pressure is very strong, because this is the whole public opinion, because it is a transcendent result, which we will remember for many years, because this is a unique end to date in history," the psychologist analyzed. Sporting Oscar Mangione "We need to work on this pressure and planning these days from groups and drivers depending on how these pressure is resisted, the group's cohesion, the trust given to them by the coach, is of fundamental importance because both are under pressure very high. "

Despite all expectations, the protagonists who proved to be more measured.

"The one who will win will have absolute glory and the one who will continue to fight is so. This is not life or death, it is a wrong message and very bad for our society," Gallardo emphasized. (Source: AP)

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