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The semi-final for the national title is closer than ever Lima Alliance yes, after winning 2-1 Ayacucho FC , set the goal to achieve the long-awaited target described at the beginning of the year, and accidentally secured a ticket to the next edition of Copa Libertadores.

With this triumph, Lima Alliance retaining a three-point difference with Real Garcilaso in the overall table of results when they stayed in two Clausura tournaments, and in addition, Blue and Whites have one match against San Martín on November 21st.

Also, Lima Alliance Melgurov gave his hand this Thursday to qualify for the championship of Clausura if he competed in UTC at Cajamarca because he would have scored eight points before Ayacucho FC without two dates and would therefore be unavailable. These two details are important for the intimate, and then explain why.

If Melgar is crowned Torneo Clausure on Thursday, Alianza Lima has only one chance that in the semi-finals: the best team that has not been ranked in the title title and with the advantage over the nearest followers and the waiting game is in the title for the joint hits, is that , which has several options.

See how the cumulative results table is:

Position Team PJ DG Points
1 Sporting Cristal (1) 41 58 82
2 Melgar 41 22 78
3 Lima Alliance 41 13 69
4 Real Garcilaso 42 3 66
5 Municipal 42 6 64

(1) Sporting Cristal is qualified for the national title finals

Take a look at the competition that the candidates for the semi-finals are missing:

Lima Alliance Real Garcilaso Municipal
41 PJ / 69 points 42 PJ / 66 points 42 PJ / 64 points
Date 14 Sport Huancayo (L) Univritory (L) Ayacucho FC (L)
Pending San Martin (V)
Date 15 Binational (V) Ayacucho FC (V) Sport Huancayo (H)

If Melgar does not exceed UTC in Cajamarca, Alianza Lima would still be able to be a champion at the Clausura tournament. But everything depends on what will happen on Thursday at the Christ the Lord Stadium. But blue and white fans can be happy because their team has the opportunity to reach a bicamera and an official Twitter account celebrated with the #RumboALaSemi hashtag.

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