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The Amazon boss was shown on Monday, the month-old "Blue Moon" in Washington DC.

– It's an incredible craft and it's going to the moon. It's time to go back to the moon and this time to stay there, Bezos said.

Jeff Bezos

Jeffrey's Bezos is considered the world's richest man. He is one of several billionaires who have embarked on the space industry.

Photo: Mark Wilson / AFP

It is the same message that NASA Major Jim Bridenstone joined after the US. There. The government set a target of sending people back to the moon in five years.

This summer, 50 years since London's first landing, 47 years ago, a man put his legs on the surface.

Can be tested this summer

According to Bezos, the unmanned Lunar Lander will have a load capacity of several tons. It will, among other things, provide technical equipment, satellites that can be launched in orbit around the moon and remotely controlled vehicles.

The goal is to create a steady man on the moon.

The Launder Lander was developed by Amazon-funded Blue Company company, which, according to Bezos, already has six customers.

The company has been testing the technology of navigation, propulsion and precision landing in a new Shepard rocket over the last three years, but the development of "Blue Moon" was silent.

According to Blue Origin, the first trial launch with the new rocket engine can be launched in the summer.

Want colonies

Both China and American NASA are planning to explore the lunar south pole, and Blue Origin has targeted the same area, writes CNN. There are large amounts of ice that can be used for drinking water, fuel and oxygen.

Blue Origin

The Blue Origin company is funded by Amazon shares and has a budget of about $ 1 billion a year.

Photo: Mark Wilson / AFP

Bezos does not want to endure for the moon's colonization, and hopes to allow more people to start their own business on the moon and in space when the Earth is done.

– The price tag on doing interesting things is too high because there is no infrastructure there, he says.

Bezos also showed some sketches of so-called "no colonies, giants and self-contained space stations where people can live indefinitely."

He thinks mankind is on its way to an energy crisis and that re-enactment is inevitable when resources come to an end.

– For the first time, it will cause your children and grandchildren to be worse than you. It's a dangerous way to go, he says.

Blue Origin

One of the Concept sketches Jeff Bezos showed will illustrate how settlements can look in space.

Photo: Mark Wilson / AFP

Billionaire race

Bezos is not the only realm that entered the space industry.

Both Elon Musk and Richard Branson have some space projects underway with SpaceX and Virgin Galactic.

Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic can compete for space tourism, while Spacex is the biggest rival for NASA missions and travels into space.

During the launch of "Blue Moon", we used the opportunity to Send Slightly in the direction of bezos by editing the logo of "Blue Moon" to "blue balls".

Elon Musk on Twitter
Photo: Twitter

Musk has previously accused Bezos of harassing SpaceX. In April, Amazon announced plans to launch 3000 Internet satellites. SpaceX has the same in 2018 to provide worldwide network access.

SpaceX also has a stated goal of reaching Mars by the end of the next decade, and has signed several contracts with NASA.

The Moon

The European Space Agency (ESA) also plans permanent bases on the moon.

Photo: Bernard Fang / AFP

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