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On Monday it became clear that ten engineering teams will design six of the seven subway stations on the new Forebohnen.

In parallel with the transfer of flowers and goodies, a clear economic feedback from the jury also gained: All six winning teams have submitted proposals that exceed the budget, so the projects need to be scaled down.

Not specified budget in the competition

"Competition participants have no budget to deal with, and these projects have a seemingly great design, using materials that make it expensive. We therefore need to look at each and every one of the proposals to adapt to prerequisites, cost estimates and technical Solutions, "says Irena Msshval.

She is the director of the Passebubenens and the judges for the planning and design competition. Messwall does not want to enter the ultimate price frame for the six stations. The prize will be part of the negotiations that the Forebuban and the Winning Team will start now.

However, the judge believes that all proposals can be simplified without compromising the architectural expression.

– Absolutely

The decision does not come as a great surprise to the winners.

"Oh, No, this is completely normal in our industry," said Gianluca Ricana, Zaha Hadid Architects, London.

The architectural office, together with the Norwegian Laboratory, will design both Fornebuporten station and Fornebu station.

"We have long wanted to work with projects in Norway, and this will be our first Infrastructure linked to mobility is one of the major issues of the next century." This is what the Forebuban is incredibly exciting, says Rakana.

85 projects of architectural offices from all over Europe are connected to the Fornebuban (FOB) before Christmas last year with an international planning and design contest.

Hirsch Haaverden, CEO of A-Lab, is also not surprised that the stations that will be completed in 2015 will hardly be such a winning plan was presented on Monday.

"Since the competition is about to create an idea that excites and makes something clear and simple, you need to use the tools, and then we know at the same time that we need to simplify the process during the process," says Haerssen.

Must be functional drives

The new plans for the new Forebehan design make it clear that the new subway system, streets and outdoor spaces will maintain high quality in the aesthetic and architectural design. At the same time, these stations will be adapted to the buildings in the area and the surrounding landscape. The stations should also have recognizable elements, though they are given different designs.

"The downturns and stations make up much of the identity of the subway in Oslo today, so it is important for us to continue this tradition." At the same time, they should be beautiful, they should also be functional and in a suburban framework, City Council for Environment and Transport Lan Marie Nguyen Mountains (MDG).

Here are the winners:

Fenebu station and operating base

«Underground Landscape»

Architects: Zahad Hadid Architects and A Lab.

Inspiration: As Norway's landscape is shaped by pressures and currents of water, wind and glaciers by millions of years.

Flight taxi station


Architects: Measures Visa Architects / Measures About Architects Slp / Imagatelier de Arcvitura and Jose Gigante.

Inspiration: Based on flight and airport history. The ceilings are designed to fly as a tribute to the history of Passau.

Railroad Station (former Arena)

«Heaven below»

Architects: Zaha Hadid Architects and A Lab.

Inspiration: Designed using light and colors. The platform sky has a dynamic lighting that changes the clock and the position of the towers in real time.

Reader station

"Hearts of Lists"

Architects: Aslan Wik, Longwa Architects and Arup. Project: "heart of locksmiths"

Inspiration: The architecture of the two circular buildings takes the structure of the existing station, and new and existing are connected together.

Management station


Architects: Gatlief Paludan Architects and L2 Architects.

Inspiration: Have the main grip to bring daylight on the pass through a continuous sky that runs along the entire station and out to the entrances.

Skøyen station

Project: "Light Talk"

Architects: Gatlief Paludan Architects and L2 Architects.

Inspiration: Continue on Sundays along the entire station's length. The floodlight follows the existing ski area to the Skøyen train station which is extended to the subway platform.

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