The municipality of Oslo is in danger of repaying 444 million.


On October 31, the Borgarting Court of Appeal came to the conclusion that the Municipality of Oslo did not comply with the prescribed period for printing property tax. If the judgment becomes enforceable, the municipality must pay NOK 267 million to citizens.

Today Dagens Næringsliv writes that Banoun sent a notification on a new lawsuit Monday.

"Today we are announcing a possible new group complaint where, as a direct consequence of the Borgarting judgment, we emphasized that it is illegal to impose 3 tax charges for 2017," she said. The first year is to pay property tax, the law stipulates that the limitation of the claim is 2% of the tax base.

If Banoun likewise fails in this action, the total claim to be able to charge the municipality amounts to NOK 444 million.

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