The Munch Museum is about kissing in Saudi Arabia


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Among the 50 Munch works to be exhibited in the King Abdulazis Center for World Cultural Culture in the Saudi Arabian Desert, the oil painting "Kiss on the Beach in Moonlight" from 1914. To challenge the audience, it was first decided to remove the Word "Kiss".

The museum is now turned.

– I think it was a misunderstanding on our part, and we put a title that we thought fit. This was never a great topic, but when there was a public discussion about it, we looked at it, Museum Director Sweyn Olav Henssen told Dagens Dergersen.

But the museum wants to avoid public in Saudi Arabia. Therefore, naked motifs were dropped.

– The most important thing for us is to present Munch for the first time in an Arab country. Art creates reflection and we want to create a dialogue across cultures. It's an important step in the Munch story he adds.

The exhibition that opens on June 5 is called "Edward Munch: Landscapes of the Soul" and is aimed at the artist's images.

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Saudi Arabia is successful with its reputation. Now, a female activist can be executed for the first time.

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