The LO book describes harassment, filling and sexual purchases


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Former NTL leader Turid Lilleheie and former federal leader Fellesorganisationen (FO) Oddrun Remvik, according to Dagbladet, will present the old-fashioned, baking and human-dominated organization in the book "Thank You for a Dance, a Women's Vision of LO" on Tuesday. .

From 1998 to 2010, Lilleheie led the Norwegian State Service Team (NTL), while Remvik led the FO between 1992 and 2002. He claims that LO is still a characteristic goblin and that there are still sexist relationships.

About their time in the largest organization of employees in the country, they wrote that "Mannfolk is in LO, both with comments and inappropriate behavior.

Therefore, the # invasions of #Metu in vocations where sexual harassment is most common did not occur

Code: "Someone bought shoes"

According to the authors, the code for sexual purchases during a trip to the LO region should be "someone bought shoes".

"We know it happened. But that was many years ago and I can not say if it's happening now," Remvik told Dagbladet.

Former LO leader Yngve Hågensen, after Remvik, after a dinner with his colleagues LO in Kristiansand in 1994, had to get on the bus. Hågensen makes a newspaper that he can not remember,

"I have to admit that I am surprised that both the active and the positive lady have managed to obtain so much acidity between the two extremities. They may have benefited from all the years in LO. If not, this is not only our fault, now the 80-year-old Hågensen says.

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