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FINAL JUBLE: Øystein «Etrex» Antonsen Larsen, Jurgen «Jwols» Olsen and Tormod «Regan» Lies in the final of the Rocket League in Telenor League, Spring 2018.
FINAL JUBLE: Øystein «Etrex» Antonsen Larsen, Jurgen «Jwols» Olsen and Tormod «Regan» Lies in the final of the Rocket League in Telenor League, Spring 2018. Photo: Eivind by Dølen /


This weekend, Europe's largest e-sports league ends with Counter-Strike Finals: Global Offensive, League of Legends and Rocket League. That's what experts think it all ends.

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Saturday, November 24th and Sunday, November 25th, the last game is held in Telenor League, the Norwegian top series in several e-sports games. In advance of the final game, we have gathered expert panels for both League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Rocket League to predict the outcome.

The final game will be broadcast on WGTV, directly from lilammer. On the send schedule are all latest matches, in addition to the semi-final matches in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Rocket League.

Think of the CS final between Norwegians and Kingspins

In the Counter-Strike Expert Panel: Global Offensive, Tenelorgya Comentator Tami «Tammy» Monsen and Leon Andor «Landor» Karlsson, and e-sports editor of, Mathias Hynne, sit.

The experts agree with the assumption that Nordwind will be victorious from his semi-final against momentum.

"If Nordwind goes out to the moment, it will be the greatest surprise in the latest game of history." Nordwind's strengths are that they have a clear lead in "Zewes", which was picked up by players in Norway, says Monsen.

They also expect kingspins to get the best out of their half-final match against Demise, but they are more open to the fact that this match is more difficult to predict.

– Kingspins against Demise will be very exciting and on this paper a very even settlement. Kingpins beat Demise quite convincingly in the latest series round, but Demice had almost nothing to do for that. I hope the demise players have played more recently than they did, otherwise it will soon be coming from Kingspins, Karlsen believes.

So the experts believe that it is Nordwinde and kingspins who are left in the final. In this case, we can serve the finest in the history of the senior league, given how smooth the layers are on the paper at the time of writing.

Monsieur believes, Norwegians could have a huge loss by eliminating last year's Star Star, Crisis «Azez» Cornback.

"I wait to see kingpins against Nordicnd in the last, but before I was pretty sure only just wanted to win this year, but I think both demice and kingpins can take them if they have the day. To the final game seems to be a champion, and this may not have a positive impact on the team. It will be exciting to see how good "Rosacea" does, after a while without active as a player, demand points out.

However, Karlsen commentator colleague believes that the personal skills in northeast will make it tough for kingspins. He hopes, however, that Kingpins will surprise.

"I think kingspins will fight in the finals, hoping and believing in an exciting game with lots of ill effects and becoming winners in the end.

Hine thinks it's kingpins, which ends with the title of fall 2018. He is, however, the only one in the panel that has drawn kingspins as the winner of the fall season.

"I think finally," Andz "and Kingpins are fortunate enough to get rid of the victory in too many places, and the match will be fast and there will be a 2-1 win to kingspins. The effect of making Nord-West get rid of "Acez", a player who is dominated by the final player and who knows the kingpins well. "Zewes" keeps a good level of tactical management, but I think it is "Anz" Great step in 2018, "says Hinde before applying.

"I think that there will be some pepper from the audience to Nordindind for a number of foreign factors.The key players in the settlement will be" zewes "and" ancestors. "I think the tactical leader will be the tongue on the ball bowl individually , "Says charm.

Nordwind is a great favorite in the League of Legends

We asked more people who know the League of legends about what they think is breaking off with the series championship on Saturday. Coach Nicholas' Nicoethipiko "courses, commentator Julian Nash and expert commentator Cristian Heggland gave his most important conclusions.

Course works daily as a coach in the Swiss project ESPs experiment, but knows most Norwegian players participating in the Telenor League. He thinks, it will be a one-sided final, and let's have a few chances of taking the gold.

"I think the riddle is going to break and eventually it's 3-1 to northeast." Experience has everything to say in finals as long as the mechanical skills are at the same level, and even in terms of mechanics, Noroladin's solo landers are strongly in front Of the riddles, in fact, I would also like Nordwind's bot-lane, and have a lot more faith in "plucky" individually in the jungle.

He also draws northern Norse force over his final opponent.

"In my eyes, you have a stronger mechanical team in northeast, both individually and in the senior level, with more valuable experience.

Korsgår also gives the recipe for riddles to be able to finish the final.

"In order to win riddled, Nordwind must have a bad day bad. At the same time, Rielel must be able to keep the neutral Boat Lane while at the same time getting benefits in solo lanes, in other words, -No neutral and hold "Energy" and "Ericsen" completely under control and "snowball" something completely ill for three rounds.

Expert Commentator at Telenor League, Christian Heggland, also believes in Nordic victory. However, he is slightly more open to the ability to fight back.

"I think it will be 3-2 to northeast, and I mean that they have better chopped five coins and that they have more chewing experience." "We are committed to the need for" silver scrap "on Saturday.

He draws the key to the game, which he believes between two players.

– I think that "Energy" against "Espana 5b" is where it needs to be done. "Energy" can reset and additionally remove team-based heroes in the Hero Selection phase. The same goes for bot-trail compared to «Wendelbo». I think riddled had a chance to win, but then they had to do something unexpected in their preparations.

Commentary colleague Julian Nash agrees with the others, and believes that Nordvest will finish the win on Saturday.

"I think Nordwinn takes the triumph 3-2, but I think that flexibility in Nordic design, training and individual strengths will give them the longest straw." Riddles could potentially break through "jumping" and "Spencer 5B" in the top line, but I think they will make it hard in the middle and bottom line.

Dainty does not think it will be a very big shock if Rideld is actually going to win.

– Do not hit now. When Nix managed to get the latest in Spelexpo against reality last year, it would have been the last upset of time. Then it was a surprise that they got out of the semifinals. I do not see if Ridide can do it in the finals if they play their style and that they can run northwestern out of their comfort zone, but that's a good deal, "Don Nash.

Expect Nordvest Victory in the Rocket League

In the furniture panel of the Rocket League, there are other "Exuses" Hidden City, Martin "Sniper" Wulsrød and Andreas Clebo-Espe who have predicted how the end game ends.

In the semi-finals between Norwegin and Bjønsk, all three of them expect Nordwind to take the match, but do not dare to upset. As scheduled out, Northeast has to make changes before the half-finals, which can make the match a bit smoother than initially accepted.

"Norwegians against Bjønnsk should be a true victory for the double Telenorgy champion, but" El Dente "can not stand in the semifinals, instead, there is" eTrex "that takes the last place. And has a lot of experience, summarizing skjulestad.

The semi-final match between the Ritzle Dazzler's of Bumble DreamTeam is hard to predict, experts believe.

"It's hard to predict the other semifinals, but I hope the ritzel dads win," says a weulsrød, hoping for a return of Spring's Telenorgia last.

"I feel that Razzle has a little advantage since they have incredibly powerful international results where they have hit many top teams, nevertheless, they have to be careful because they meet three very good players who have both solidarity both internationally and Tennent League, Warns skjulestad.

With the half-finals in mind, there is probably a final among Norwegians and the Razzle dancers. The final duel of the last will be played on Sunday afternoon, and as it is springtime, it can be quite fast.

While Nordwind must be on the coach "Etrex" in his semi-final, the team is back to full strength in the final. With the overcoming "El Dent" in place, Razzle faces a crazy job, and all our spiders believe in another victory for the Oslo team. Hidden town, however, keeps the door open to Razzle, in a typical relief-to-relish style.

"I think Nordwind takes the whole final game, but this is Rocket League on Lan, and then everything can happen," says Skjulestad, and could remember the end of the season where the favorite team team Bjønsk was thanked for in the semifinals .

Wiulsrød believes that the finale might be even more if both teams have put the usual team layout. The wallpaper of "Sacred" will probably be chopped too great, he believes.

"If" Sacred "was to play, I'd say that Razzle has the chance to give a North Dakota a real fight, since he can not stand still, I do not know if it is Razzle or Bumblebe who wants to face it Greatest challenge for the ruling champion, Vyulsrød Finishes.

Thus, all three unanimous in concluding that Nordvest will finish the Teltor League victory for the fall of 2018, and in a tough border.

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