The beginning of the controversial situation: – This is definitely a red card

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– Yeah, it's definitely a red card, Damion Lowe writes in the Fædrelandsvennen message after the game.

73 minutes into the game, Birger Meling was pushed by Damion Lowe. The repetition clearly showed that the elbow was back to the center of the beginning on the face of the RBK.

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– Absolutely longer

After the match, Haakon Scwaabe, a medical officer in Rosenborg, confirmed that Meling had suffered cartilage injury without knowing any more about the injury.

Meling did not talk to the press after the game because he had a headache. However, he spoke with Eurosport immediately after the game.

"It's pretty bad that the referee does not bring this battle. That's quite far, but I expect he will get something later," he told the Rosenborg player on the television channel.

Judge Trygve Kjensli did not respond to our inquiry after the match.

Damion Lowe went through the ground without talking to the media after the match against Rosenborg, but he wrote in a message that he would have a red card. On Twitter, Lowe writes that the elbow was not intended.

"The game was aggressive, where the series and the downturn were threatened. I never beat any player, and the ruler and the judge said there was nothing, Lowe writes.

– Red card with unique clarity

The Eurosport study was as clear as Damion Lowe about what should result.

– It's a pure red card. That is with full overlap, it's no coincidence. Here is the red card, said Canadian football league Thomas Myhre.

– The Battle itself or the drop attempt is a red card, Bengt Eriksen claims.

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The meal was not seriously affected and seemed healthy and quick when he jumped out of the wardrobe and through the tramp of the golden train with the rest of the Rosenborg team.

– Looks like someone hit him on the cheek, but I do not know. I did not see this situation properly, "says RBK coach Rini Coolen for Fædrelandsvennen.

The question is whether Lowe can be subsequently penalized for the incident. A football association can enter and quarantine in cases where a judge does not see the situation on the court.

Erlend Segberg was temporarily suspended for the last series of the match against Haugesund.

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