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Odin André Hagen Jacobsen (18) from Skaun in Trøndelag often used to call home for a tour of late city tours in Trondheim. He did not do this on Saturday.

"On Sunday, 16-17, we began to become stressful and worried," says mother Ingunn Hagen.

An 18-year-old official was officially missed on Monday. The police began to quickly investigate the disappearance, but did not launch the search.

There are a few respondents

Witnesses have to tell the police that Jacobsen was noticed on Sunday on Sunday on Sunday. He then sat on the bench with others outside Egon and Nova hotels, courses and conferences in the center of Trondheim.

"We had a reflection on how Odin should be, but I do not want to describe this in more detail. We are very interested in contacting more people who may have seen it," explains Monica Brækken, researcher.

Benches outside the hotel Nova, course and conference

SEND HERE: Odin André Hagen Jacobsen (18) must last be seen on this bench in downtown Trondheim. Police ask people to turn if they see 18-year-olds.

Photo: Bjørn Steinar Gundersen / NRK

Jacobsen is 188 centimeters tall with normal to slim bodybuilding. His hair is a half-blond and blond. When he was last seen, he had a mustard yellow jacket, a hooded hoodie, dark trousers and a skirt.

  • Can you spot it? Contact the police at 02800.

– Why did the police not start looking?

"We are now investigating to discover where it is possible. We perform tactical investigations in the form of witnesses, video surveillance and checking of electronic tracks. We are constantly evaluating whether we will perform searches, says Brækken.

The police have received more advice on this matter, but they do not send advice in one direction. The police are currently investigating widely.

Most emphasizes that the police are very interested in contacting some who may have seen 18-year-olds.

Stop answering the phone

Ingunn Hagen saw her son on Saturday when she left on Saturday when she left home at Eggkleiva in Skaun, to a fitness room near the town of Trondheim.

"We agreed to inform him about bus time or call him if he does not go by bus," says Hagen.

A few hours later, the son said that he should not leave home immediately. He wanted to hang out with a friend who lives in Heimdal in Trondheim.

At 22.07, Mom received a message from her son. He said when the next bus went home. Since then, neither Mom nor Dad have heard from him. Odin no longer answered the phone.

"That's why my father drove to Trondheim, although we did not answer the phone. We knew where he was," says Hagen.

Promoting this title, Odin's father and girlfriend realized that both friends had to go to the city. Dad returned to Skaun.

– Odin is 18 years old and he enters several places. He thinks it's interesting to hang out in the city, although our parents are not so enthusiastic about this. We thought we would hear from him on Sunday morning, as always, if he stayed with his friends, the real mother.

Odin André Hagen Jacobsen Missed

WARNING: The police will contact people who saw Odin André Hagen Jacobsen this weekend. The 18-year-old is a resident of Skaun and a student at the Orkdal School Vidaregåande.

Photo: Private

He's afraid he's exposed to something crime

Parents came every time they tried to reach their son.

They turned to many of his son's comrades, who were told that Odin did not want to be home from the city. Now parents are sitting with a lot of questions.

– What should he do himself in the city center of Trondheim at 05? Why did not he call him? We have an appointment that can be called at any time of the day. One of us or both is avoiding drinking days when it is outside. If necessary we will be ready to drive, says Hagen.

"If Odin is alive, we are afraid that he has a terrible wound now. It's possible to think that there is some crime in the picture. What happened is not Odin, says the mother.

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