Norway's boxing environment in mourning: Former national team coaches died in fire

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Gmitruk was the National Team Coach and Sports Manager of the Norwegian Boxing Federation for ten years, 1988-1999. Monday, the police died in a fire.

Gmitruk had been traveling in Norway during his time, and he oversaw Ole Klemetsen and Jan Potol Johnson in 1992 and 1996. He also translated Redwood Walstad, Thomas Hanswell and other Steve.

The message is received with mourning in the Norwegian boxing environment. Gmitruk was a key figure, and was built in Norwegian boxing.

– One of the world's best coaches. You taught me so much. Rest in peace, Thomas Hanswell writes on Facebook.

"A great man who will be deeply missed in many areas," says Eric Nilsen, Secretary of the Norwegian Boxing Federation.

Nilsen says they have been told that the cause of death is associated with a fire, but it is not confirmed any. The Boxers Association plans to travel to Poland to attend the funeral.

"He was a nice man and a nice coach, he misses the whole boxing environment," says Hjalmar Steve, former boxing coach and father of former Pro Boxer Anders Steve, trained by Gmerdruk.

– A wonderful person, even without boxing. I do not need to go so much in detail, but he was a nice and good person, with the interest in sports, me and my family in general. He has a lot to do with the whole family, recalls Ole Klemetsen.


He and Gmitrak cooperated in the Olympics Barcelona. They also, as a team, were in the European Championships and World Cup. Together, it became bronze at the M. in Gothenburg in 1991.

"There is no doubt that I have many good years with him as a national team, he liked me and my style, and he supported me well and taught me a lot, and we used him quietly at me and others in the national Team, "says Klimetsen.

He also told his first coach was a very good person to work out.

"He looks good at me as a training partner, with a coach, it must be voted on, and it works very well, he was small and very strong, I had very good coaches earlier than I went on the cushion but Did not have the same function, "says Klimetsen.

– He added a new dimension

The environment agrees: The deceased boxing coach is extremely important for Norwegian boxing.

– He added a new dimension, simply, for how we practiced. He taught us very much. He is also important with a contact network in the international boxing, "says Nilsen.

He was very important. He was a good coach and a good man. He raised Norwegian boxing to be completely mediocre to an international level. There are some who won medals in the European Championships, World Cup in his time, and some also won the biggest tournaments in Europe, Steve Recalls.

He also tells how important he was for his son Anders.

"He helped us, he saw the potential of others early, always standing for us, whether he was getting contracts or training, he was absolutely crucial, we always knew he was working for our best, and we never experienced the results without Him, "says Steve.

According to Nilsen, you can still see the outline of Polish work in Norway.

"Many of our colleagues have Andrey Gmitruk as a mentor, and many of our practitioners have worked with him, especially in the 90s, he is involved in the generation as a Norwegian boxer, says Nilsen, who Says that Gmitraruk is also an important message and support player after the work in Norway.

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