Norges best-paid lawyer served over 33 million


Hans Peter Sverdrup and Hanne Sverdrup Dahl are the advocates of Norway who have been best advised in 2017, in view of Finansavisens's long-standing list of Norwegian advocates.

Søskenbarnene Sverdrup from Kontrakt og Sverdrup Dahl of Lawyer Dahl had 33,7 million crowns and 33.1 million kroner in fire.

The ingenuity does not comment on the location and listening to the list above.

Nedover on listening to Bjørn Halvor Kise and Simonsen Vogt Wiig with an innate 24, 5 million kroner, and Dag Sigvart Kaada and advocate company Schjødt with 19.4 million kernels intect.

Advocate Schjødt he works as a female advocate blonde the small mediocre inneholder, if you have avis.

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