No one was arrested after shooting in Oslo


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The recording took place along the Martin Linge road. There were no arrests at this time. There were also no injuries, the police said.

At 7 pm, the police received a message from several witnesses in the place, who said that he was shot and that the car that had left her was taken. At 23 o'clock, the leader of Operation Scott Scott in the police police district in Oslo confirmed that he had fired the NTB in Bogerud. The Crimean Guard in Oslo has now taken over the matter and explored it further.

"According to the witnesses, there were two fires open in the air. No one had to shoot at lightning," said Kenneth Vold, vice president in Oslo.

At the end of the discovery

"At 7 pm, we received a message from several witnesses in the place who said that he was shot and that the car he had driven from the city came in. They also said that some were pushing forward and that they should more people leave the scene after shooting, "said Marianne Heidenstrøm, head of operations in the Oslo police district in the NTB.

– We have identified something that is related to the event, but I do not want to go to what has been found. We discussed what happened, and she explained several independent witnesses, "said Aftenposten.

I'm looking for a car

Police searched on Wednesday night for both cars and those who should drive from the city.

– The car must be green or gray sedans. We blocked the potential crime scene, but did not report that someone was injured, says Heidenstrøm.

According to the stories, some were confronted with the arrival and that after filming, more people should escape. The police were in the area looking for great advantages both for the car and for those who would have to drive from that place. The car must be a green or a gray limousine, inform the operator of the operation.

At midnight, the head of the operation completed the efforts on the scene. The Crimean Guard has now taken over the investigation. They do not want to say whether the police received a description of the people involved, whether they have an identity on them or if they belong to the criminal environment in Oslo.

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