Moxnesu is criticized for claiming that Carl I. Hagen needs new brains


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Red Head Bjørnar Moxnes warned that Carl I. Hagen needed a new brain and warned KrF about "real hell" in his speech. Sadly, the professor of rhetoric believes.

Moxnes had a great advantage when Rød was invited for the first time in history to speak at a national meeting of the national service team, writes ABC Nyheter.

There, KrF Bjørnar Moxne warned of "real hell" if he touched a woman's self-assured abortion right and said that Carl I. Hagen needed new brains.

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– Carl I. Hagen says he never saw the main difference between a car and a hospital. So Carl Ivar needs new glasses or new brains, Moxnes said laughter and applause from parts of the hall.

"Unfortunately, because of the public talk," says Professor Rhetoric at the University of Bergen, Jens E. Kjeldsen, on the website.

He believes in Moxnes' statement on Charles I. The garden is problematic because it is a personal attack aimed at a particular person. However, the KrF's result in the abortion debate is unproblematic because it does not attack individual individuals, but explains what the Left will do when attempting to amend the abortion law.

Carl I. Hagen has the following words about the game to the red leader.

– All the bad things that can be said about a person were previously mentioned about me. I hope Bjørnar will explain why my statement is incorrect. I would like to clarify why this is correct. By the way, I understand a rhetorical expert!

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"If Professor Kjeldsen thinks I will do a brain transplant to my long-standing politician, Carla I. Hagna, I'm sorry. Of course, I do not think that," said Moxnes in a comment.

– What do you mean? You see that it's sad?

"I'm lying," says Moxnes.

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