Men arrested after shooting at the port of Svolvær


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A man in the 1950s triggered an armed police action after firing at a port in the center of Svolvær on Saturday. The person is damaged.

The police were informed when a man in Anker Brygge in the city shot several shots. A constant man was pressed into his foot and ended up in the water, but he was picked up and sent to the Gravdal hospital. His condition is unknown.

The police went to an armed act against the apartment of the man who shot him. He took care of the arrests. Crimean technicians will explore the scene and the man's apartment.

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A man who was accused of serious injuries and violations of the Weapons Act. The shooting motive is currently unknown.

– he was arrested and arrested. Then a lawyer decides who decides what's going on, "says Fred Leirvik, Operation Manager of the Nordland police district in the NTB.

He asked the audience to stay at 2 o'clock until Saturday without the police precisely determining why. Those in the city center had to apply for coverage in shops and restaurants.

Retained information

In the meantime, the police provided some details about what triggered an armed campaign.

"There is an armed police action. I can not say anything, said Leirs Leirvik at 2 pm.

At 6 am, he explained that the police did not want to provide information in order to avoid panic among local residents.

– In addition, we did not want to allow suspects to read information about our act.

The investigated man was previously in contact with the police. And he and the perpetrator are from Svolvær, but it is not clear whether they are known.

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