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Kylie Jenner – skin-skinned by the fans after the picture


Kylie Jenner (21) is the world's biggest reality star. She is a central part of the famous Kardashian / Jenner Race, which can be followed by the life of the TV series "Keeping Up With The Kardashians".

The famous FAMILY FAMILY is no stranger to creating headlines, and many recent and shocking statements by many of the popular family members are constantly emerging – whether infidelity or photo editing.

Since the first episode of the world famous fact series is broadcast on the US. There. TV screens in 2007.

Now the 21-year-old is in the fire again, because she apparently parked her in a parking lot reserved for cars for people with valid handicaps.

It writes among other people and the Independent.

– It's criminal

Star fans react strongly to a photo she shared on Instagram with her over 141 million followers. In the picture, Jennings is in front of a car with a rapper girlfriend Travis Scott (28). The 21-year-old has been stylishly drawn in a signal-pink blazer – but it's something completely different Your followers have noticed.

WAKES OUTSIDE: Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott's image created reactions with the fans. Photo: Instagram / Kylie Jenner
WAKE UP: This picture of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott has created reactions with the fans. Photo: Instagram / Kylie Jenner
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On the wall behind the car, it is clearly evident that the parking lot of the couple parked the car is intended for cars that have a handicap proof. As you know, not Kylie Jenner and her boyfriend Travis Scott have any disabilities, at least not as they appeared.

However, it was not knowing whether the couple had a person with such evidence and thereby allowed them to park where they were.

Kylie Jenner was silent since the news cracked in February.
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The picture tells the fans to react, and now the reality is that the reality of a scratch is real.

In the commentary, there were pouring critical comments against the Reality Star – which, in turn, have not yet commented on the criticism.

Love: Kylie Jenner was with the rapper Travis Scott in recent years. Photo: NTB Scanpix
Girlfriend: Kylie Jenner joined the rapper Travis Scott in recent years. Photo: NTB Scanpix
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– It's a criminal offense to park on a disabled site, one of the star's followers commented on.


The eye-catching image has received over seven million shots, and it has flowed in with comments in the comment field. Many responded to what was supposed to be a romantic image of Jenner and her boyfriend

– To park on the disabled room, it's class. Not particularly surprising considering who raised you, writes another.

– You should be ashamed to park on the disabled site. You do not know how to have disabilities. The Great Handicap, writes a third.

This is not the first time this happens in the famous Jenner family. The same happened in July of 2018, when sister Kendall (23) made the same mistake. She parked her Ferrari in an invalid parking lot outside a sushi restaurant in Los Angeles.

Even then, the reactions did not wait for them, and a representative from Kendall stated that she did not own the car himself at the right place, but that there was a domestic at the parking lot that did this.

Don't look: Kendall's great brother and Kylie Jenner, Brandon Jenner, have been watching the Family Reality series for some time. However, over Red Runner, he admits he never saw a single episode. Video: Thea Hope / Reporter: Kine Falch
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Got criticism for magazine cover

Now, it's not just that Jenna has recently been subjected to heavy shots. When she and her daughter stormy debut in the front of the Harper's fashion magazine, in the beginning of July, the critics are not slow to get on track.

She has been highly criticized for exposing the child to what she is doing, even though 21-year-olds have chosen not to take part in the family's realistic series.

In the interview with the magazine, Reality Star spoke, among other things, as it was growing up in the limelight – and she also admitted that there were negative sides.

Kardashian: These days, the season 16 of the program "Keeping Up With The Cardashans" rolls out on Norwegian screens. We met Sophie Alice at the premiere and heard about her relationship with the girls.
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Child psychologist Willy-Tore Mørch was very critical of anyone exposed to their children. Worse still, he thinks exposure is done online because it will remain the rest of the child's life.

– There are many examples of celebrity children who have been exposed to a lot of publicity, struggling with additional effects. It may be in the form of social withdrawal, or poor self-image. Many have been bullied. There are many examples of celebrity children who have gone into depression due to parental exposure, so the harmful effects of this are a prominent phenomenon for us psychologists, Mørch told Dagbladet in early July.

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