Haugesund – now it's one of the most popular used cars in Norway

MOTOR [Broom]: Cars that sell new ones are also in demand in the used market. That's how it always was, and it's still so.

This is particularly true for Nissan Leaf.

In February this year it has come to a completely new edition and it will probably be a little weird if this year will not be the best-selling car in Norway. So far, more than 9,600 have become the owner of a new leaf, and more are becoming daily.

When the new sales are so good – then can you think he got up with the old copies of the old one?

light Sold

Actually, it's the opposite. Demand for used Nissan Leaf is sky high, prices are running well and cars barely enter the used car hall before they are sold.

"Yes, the used leaf is very easy to sell and is very brave for our dealers who get such cars in return," said Knut Arne Marcussen, Communications Manager at Nissan's Nissan importer.

It was a car that is in many ways a normal electric car in Norway. When it came late in 2010, it was the first car to have a good range (according to the time standard) and still the least, in the usual place in an electric car.

Success does not disappoint. Leaf penetrated very well over several years.

From 70,000 crowns

Now you get the oldest cars on cca. 70,000 kroner. As models of 2011, which were the first model in Norway per year, more than 100,000 kilometers of motor vehicles were urinated on the counter. But they are selling fast. Like freshly minced cakes.

That's why we believe that this year will be the best-selling car in Norway

"This is pretty good on the ebble market per day – even for those that are used. It seems that more and more used car buyers are convinced of this," says Marcussen.


– That's very logical. The market used was hanging up for a while, simply because it took several years to build a used car portfolio. The type of car is relatively new and the first owners like it for several years before they are sold again. Meanwhile, the environmental screw has become even more intense and seems to be much more demanding, with more shocks, higher fuel prices.

"That's why Nissan is very excited about the possibility of good electric cars for those who do not want to buy a brand new car or have the opportunity to spend a lot of money on the car. At the same time, we know that many people do not feel confident about what to look for on used electric For Nissan, Nissan has developed its second-hand car program, called Cared4, which provides car history, battery status, additional warranty. If you spend 100,000 kronor or so, you get a nice, used list, explains Marcussen.

Expected drop in prices

To make them popular, they are also shown in the statistics of used imported cars. Thus, cars imported here from abroad are used. Statistics also reached the peak of Nissan Leaf.

This popularity, of course, does something about the prices. Even on older cars.

"Yes, we expected a slight decline in the first generation, when the generation of two were abolished in a few decades. It's normal, but now it was not the case." On the contrary, the prices remained very stable, concluding a clearly satisfied head of communications.

Looking for a used Nissan Leaf, there are some things you need to consider. Especially with regard to some used imported cars currently on the market.

Some miss the important equipment that Norwegian soldiers have. Like a heated battery that has a lot of words for the area in the winter. Many of these cars do not have heated seats and steering wheels. To quickly determine whether the car has been imported, you can check that it has reflectors. You probably have other important equipment.

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