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Gulla (18) is one of the few who came into a new prestigious study – NRK Norway – overview of news from different parts of the country


When NRK meets Gulla Serville Torvund, she is very pleased that you have entered the UiO's new Honors program in science, where the average for first time diplomas is the highest in the country (61.1 points).

The program has only ten seats for the science program and the corresponding number for humanity education.

– This is the dream study, says Gulla Serville Torvund.

She emphasizes the importance of interdisciplinarity as an important reason why this was the study she was developing.

– Like many others, I am both fond of social science and science. And this was an opportunity I just had to grasp.

Society needs interdisciplinarity

"We have now created a completely new program for a special group of students, and we now see that it has become one of the nation's most popular first times we offer it," says Pro-Vice President responsible for education and learning environment. UiO, Gro Bjørnerud Mo, NRC.

She says it is a study for students who are specially motivated and ambitious.

Gro Bjørnerud Mo

Bjørnerud Mo says the University has decided that next year, students will receive students on an inter-disciplinary program on the cohesion of philosophy, economics and politics.

Photo: UiO

She also highlights the Interdisciplinary aspect.

"The first burden will focus on artificial intelligence, and the interdisciplinary structure allows one to study the interaction between human, social and technological," she told NRK.

Take some credits

Instead, the usual 180 credits included in a guy's degree, in this guy's & # 39; Degree 210 credits must be taken by students in three years.

Of the Honors topics, which are for artificial intelligence for the litter, are 30 credits.

Initially, the university only took 20 students.

– When we create such a small program, we can try a number of working methods. We try to create a small laboratory for some good experiences.

The Pro-Rector says that it is the first time in Norway that an interdisciplinary study is available between humane and mathematical and natural sciences.

"We live in a company that needs people to work across classical dividing lines, and therefore we must also create educations that move across," says Mo.

The Pro Rector says they have received a lot of inspiration from the Netherlands during the development of the program, where they have offered such programs since the 1990s.

Will research

What do you hope to get out of this program?

– I hope to get into a screening room and start a piece of scum on a screening cabin, says Gulli Servill Torvunde.

– Being able to work for an important purpose already now. This study focuses on a socially relevant topic. And then you get it built in basic education. Take this knowledge and apply it to something important right now.

But before she can start the studies, wait one year for the kings of kings.

– I will go to the first service in April so I will apply for postponement for two years. And I hope very much that it will survive in the two years, because I have been eager to continue.

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