Dante (12) never returned with the passenger: – Dante's father: "I did not get drawings on Father's Day today

Several thousand volunteers participated in the search for Dante with the police and defense personnel. The boy who is with Down's syndrome came to Falkenberg south-west of Sweden on Tuesday when he did not return home after walking with his dog.

FAT DEATH WRITTEN: Police Inspector Christer Bartholdsson said on Friday night that a dead person in Falkenberg found that he was dead and the police think that this could be a 12-year-old boy who is missing three days. Photo: NTB scanpix
DAILY DEATH PERSON: Police Inspector Christer Bartholdsson said Friday that a dead person in Falkenberg was found dead and the police believe that this could be a twelve-year-old boy who is missing for three days. Photo: NTB scanpix
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On Friday afternoon, the police announced at a press conference that she was a dead person at a power plant on the outskirts of Falkenberg and that even though this person was not finally identified, there was plenty of evidence that Dante had found.

The police gave a kidnapping case when they were reported missing for 12 years, but there is currently no evidence that a crime has taken place, according to police inspector Christer Bartholdsson Aftonbladet's statement.

In the abyss of the mourning of the Father's day

In a sensitive post on Facebook, Dante's father, Sven Adolfsson, put the words of ungodly sadness and missed the death of his son.


"What I would now like is for everyone to remember that I remember my beloved, dear Dante."

Additionally, Adolfsson writes:

"I am defective and will never return to hell. Today I did not get a drawing on Father's Day or Package something he did in Sløyden. Dante loved that he gave more than getting it. He was really happy when he was something assigned. You do not know how laughing and smiling while you do it. "

Dante's favorite song was "Yes, you have to live".

"He did not finish singing before he was screaming, hurray, hurray, hurray!", Writes the danger on Facebook.

Thanks to everyone you helped

The Dantes League campaign was enormous. Police, militants, rescue services and thousands of volunteers worked day and night hoping to find the missing boy.

Great Dawn did not cross Dante's father. He left his post on Facebook to write:

"I understood that this affected the whole of Sweden, and I can not describe my thanks to all who helped."

On Saturday evening, Dante honored with a minute of silence in Sweden, including the square of Gustav Adolf in Gothenburg.

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