Circus artists fell seven meters down during performance


Transported to hospital.

A circus artist will perform seven times in a performance in Friday's Friday night, reports More and Romsdal police on Twitter.

– The man was picked up by an ambulance and driven to a hospital, it was stated.

The article has been updated!

– The man who fell down was on top of a pole that was up from the ground, it is approx. 5 meters high, I estimated. He was on top of the rod when the rod loosed and he went straight to the ground, says a witness Romsdals BudstikkeAccording to Tidens Crew.

According to VG, John Bratland manager of the police said the police were on the scene and began to form a picture of what actually happened.

– We assure ourselves of various accidents. The performance was connected, but I understood, but we have to keep it going the other way we go, the registry assured.

At 20.03 the police write that a person in the audience was just injured.

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