Carlson in a Class For Itself: Executes the Dream Frontier


In Africa: Magnus Carlsen in action in Côte d & # 39; Ivory Friday. He is the first reigning world champion to play on the African continent. Photo: Lennart Ootes

Magnus Carlsan (28) passed the 2900th dream in shots in chess after breaking his competitors in Côte d & # 39;

Now it's ready for two days of lightning shake.

– I want to enjoy myself. If I play well, then I win, says Carlsan on the organizer's sending.

At the Ivory Coast, this year's first tournament played in the Grand Chess Tour, the chess players respond to the Champions League.

After three quick chess days, Carlsen is in top class. He has a score of 18 points and is three points ahead of the runner Hikaru Nakamura (two points of victory in this tournament).

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The Carlson began the day with a light victory over the best player in Africa, BAMS AMIN, and then with a draw against Chinese Dying Liren.

– I was clearly the best. It was a bit embarrassing that I was not able to expect it, Carlsan told the organizer.

In the third and final party on Friday, the Carlsan won with black pieces over Ye Wei.

"He got out of nothing," commented Yannick Pelletier.

"Yes, I was certainly worse, but he made a mistake – and then he collapsed," said Magnus Carlsan about Chinese.

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In total, Carlsen ended with six victories and three draws in the nine fastest chess parties.

This means that he has 2903 points in the rating – where he is definitely in the world. It is above the dream limit, but under its own world record of 2919.

It was Carlsen's first, and no one – and finally the other in the fast paced chase in Abidjan.

"I am behind three points, but I felt I was playing as well as I could," said runner Nakamura in interviewing Chess 24's Maurice Ashley after his party.

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He was about to say that it was not against the Carlsan victory at last party – but to think about:

– Oh, I thought Magnus was worse off. But Magnus had measured off the management before, says Nakamura in front of the lightning jacket Shabbos and Sunday.

– But I guess it's not realistic that he turns it off, as he is now playing.

PS: It should be played 18 lots of lightning shake. Nine parties Saturday and nine parties Sunday.

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