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Apple Watch can get a better battery life


We are standing in front of a new Apple Launch in September, where we will probably see a fifth variant of Apple Watch. But if we are to rely on these rumors, Apple can be saved its next big bet next year.

According to, quoted by Taiwan United Daily News, the micro-led display technology could be on the way to Apple watch series 6. It could mean significantly more battery life than the watches today.

Rumors were underlined by Apple signing agreements with two Taiwan companies for the production and delivery of micro LED displays.

Battery life on site rest

We have managed to get to the Apple Watch series 4 or the fifth generation clock – the first only Apple watch and was partly reused in series 1. Still, the manufacturer still has only 18 hours of battery life. They talk about it properly as active use with both GPS and ringing along the way.

Apple uses today OLED displays in watch, while the micro LEDs can be up to 30 times more bright. They should also have a lower power consumption OLED, quite low power. Since there is no organic material involved, these screens should not burn or burn on the same OLED display.

Increased brightness in Series 2

Exactly what it actually means for Apple's battery life is unknown. Brightness has been strengthened quite strongly between Series 1 and Series 2, where the clock is from 450 to 1000 not brightness. Brightness was prioritized over battery life relatively early in the ages.

If a new leap in the screen efficiency is more light or more battery life remains to be seen, but the rumors have it that this is the last option of the two Apple works.

Many things in Apple watch use power – everything from heart rate monitoring to GPS and processor draws power. Battery life better, the better the screen, depending on the proportion of the current screen. Photo: Finn Jarle Kvalheim,

It's also part of the fact that smart phone battery consumption such as mobiles and watches is probably so tied up with what applications and services run on the bells. Apple watch, probably, has been the most powerful smart watch processor for sale today, and it features features such as a powerful haptic engine that can plug your wrist and continually monitor your heart rate. During use, it also has active GPS receiver, and for mobile calls or 4G connection or Bluetooth on the mobile.

A possible improvement in battery life depends not only on how much more efficient a MicroLED monitor is, but also on how much of the total power consumption in the Apple Watch current screen is.

Rumors have been three for years

The last rumor is not the first time we've heard of it.

Already in 2016, rumors about Apple's MicroLED products began to go. In March of last year, Reuters reported that Apple was working on Micro LED displays for use in small devices. The development should have been led by Lynn Youngs, who also handles display technology for Apple watch and iPhone. Prototypes of the screens should already be ready.

At the time, an analyst has argued that Reuters has suggested that the screens appear to be mostly productive products like real product options.

But last August, the same rumor appeared – also at the American Daily News. At this time, some representatives will have visited the display manufacturer AU Optronics to talk about the production of new display technologies such as Micro LED.

Until now, it is very early for the display technology that you can only buy in Samsung's huge 146-inch wall TV.

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