Wild weather continues: the bridge is gone


A bridge near Arthur's Passa flooded flood water.

NZTA confirmed the Goat Creek Bridge on the state highway 73 fell.

Driver Jess Dempsey said that the weather was "totally awful".

She and her husband live in the Otter and discover that the bridge is washed east of the city this afternoon.

Also, another nearby bridge – Kellys Creek – was flooded on the waterfront.

The Goat Creek Bridge was replaced a few years ago in 2010, when the former wooden bridge was considered the end of its life.

The wet and wild weather system destroyed the West Coast, which forced the closure of schools, roads and potentially permanent pupils for the night.

Westland students managed to get home after a chance in a road cart that they might be misled into school overnight.

Floods at Deep Creek Road Moana, on the west coast of the Southern island. Photo / AttachedFloods at Deep Creek Road Moana, on the west coast of the Southern island. Photo / Attached

Katrina Casey, Vice-President of the Ministry of Education and Support, Katrina Casey, said that after the floods, eight schools were closed on the West Bank.

Casey advised parents to check the school tomorrow or check the Facebook or Facebook pages to see if they will be opened.

Coastal areas were solidified, Ivory Glacier received 391 mm of rain – more than Clyde, Cromwell and Alexandra were seen throughout the year 2017.

The Hokitika River threatened to throw a campervan parked on one of the islands of a knitted river.

Mayor of the Mayor of Westland Bruce Smith said that the second alarm for the river was activated and that there were still a few hundred millimeters of rain forecasts.

It says that the first alarm when it reaches a level considered to be a flood, the third is extreme, and if this happens, some problems will "certainly" have.

Civil defense was activated in Westland, as heavy rain hammers on the west coast.

MetService says that Hokitika broke more than 800 shots this morning in the 20-minute period.

Another eight schools were imprisoned on the West Coast due to heavy rain and floods, the Ministry of Education said Herald.

The conditions have caused parts of the roads to collapse and fall on the west coast, causing the NZ transport agency to close the main highways.

Floods on the Okuru River on the west coast. Photo / Kerry Eggeling

Floods on the Okuru River on the west coast. Photo / Kerry Eggeling

State Highway 6 from Hokitika to Haast and State Highway 73 Arthurs Pass between Arthurs Pass and Jackson's district is likely to stay overnight.

NZTA invites drivers in the area not to travel unless this is necessary.

Metroservice Metroservice Gerrit Keyser said about 11 hours the highest rainfall in the last 12 hours in Arthur's Pass 112 mm, Mt Cook Village 102 mm, Franz Josef 81.5 mm and Milford 75 mm.

Strong winds also began to rise around Canterbury High Country, Wellington and the southern Wairarapa. Gusts could reach 150 km / h in exposed areas of Canterbury and 130 km / h in other affected areas.

The strongest winds recorded so far were 80 km / h at a station near Lumsden in Southland and 65 km per hour at Le Bons Bay on the Banks peninsula.

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