The Japanese Rugby Test for Everyone in Tokyo


Opinion – Last night in the game rugby is in good shape in the country, which will fill the world championship next year, writes Jamie Wall

Captain Luke Whitelock.

Captain Luke Whitelock.
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Was there anyone that by the end of the year Japan got 31 points against All Blacks? Or no one would really like it, because 69 All Blacks played a more important role in the long run.

Yesterday afternoon there was a wildly fun game at Ajinomoto Stadium, not least because the sun was shining again and a big crowd appeared on the home side. He showed that rugby is in good shape in the country, which will fill the next year's world championships and encouraged the Japanese to try the first try.

They were very red and white and made a serious noise when Japan was in the reel. If you are looking for Ireland or Scotland, you want to know how noisy the match against Japan – they both have to go through the hosts in the quarter-finals of the World Cup.

Japan finally made five good attempts, the first being a miserable, but Samuela Anise. Then Hendrik Tui, Tim Lafaele's blindfolded action, Jamie Henry's impressive ending, and then a slack to finish Lafaele again. Everyone deserves to be praised – five attempts are the same as All Blacks accepted all year round.

But this is to be expected on a site with less than one week's preparation and eight new caps. This game could have been at all: a gentle slugfest in which All Blacks pulled the lead, then strangled the Japanese will or a crazy shooting that let the new boys pull their hair off.

Fortunately, it was the latter.

The most famous is the George Bridge, because one of the most memorable All Black debuts. Two attempts, including one with the first ball-pointing, and no bad spot in the park for 40 minutes. If Nehe Milner-Skudder felt painful when he came to a mid-term shoulder injury, he would probably feel better if this performance that crosses the Bridge at every point of the Bridge.

In fact, some nervous looks are likely to overturn the shoulders of the three team members.

Te Toiroa Tahuriorangi started the first step, just like Matt Proctor. Dalton Papal was outstanding in the first half, while Mitch Drummond and Brett Cameron had solid cones. Tyrel Lomax and Gareth Evans were busy, even though Lomax did not get much courage.

Dane Coles also had a timely return, who could return to the team in the next two weeks. The finished piece was accurate, some typical, powerful off-the-ball games were spoiled and tested the good standard.

So everybody is a good result for everyone. The coaches took a look at the next crop of All Blacks and considered the luxury of being in an environment that reinvigorated the World Cup next month. The next year they come back to the familiar environment, while all the other teams where the hosts will get used to it only mean that they play in Japan without a trial period.

Because of their Japanese rugby, their team was proud of it. If something comes out, hosts will pose a serious threat to the future. In fact, if they play, but they are a little better protected, they may be able to stand against the fourth All Blacks.

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