Red Dead Redemption 2 Zombies and aliens are all we need


Red Dead Redemption 2 Zombies

Attack of Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption 2 they still incinerate the minds of enthusiastic fans, a playful horizon in which a huge cloud of mushrooms prevails, consisting of a pair of arms in their hands. The acute attention of the game to detail broke the ground with its milestone; the gap is a standstill that will have other developers build bridges that will be in the coming years. After that, let's be greedy for a moment and let's see what else we could do for us.

Let's just say that many of us really want another repetition Undead Nightmare, the love of the classic horror that served as Red RedemptionThe first one-subject extension. Rockstar has created a perfect canvas for a terrible masterpiece, and I beg to mix up a willing hell with zombie brains. It may also be an example of a foreign brain, while we are at it, but now we are going. Let me guide you to this desire to see again the masterly open world horror. Spoilers for Undead Nightmare forward.


V Undead Nightmare, the tragedy hit John Marston at his homestead, which led to the zombification of his wife Abigail and his son Jack. After connecting them, he tries to find a way to redirect the suffering in the meat. Despite being satirical, it could be argued that Marston really made an emotional effort to complete his goal, a drive that developed through an evolving secret that showed a wonderful version of the established characters.

I like Undead Nightmare, there are people for Arthur Morgan to worry about. Twenty-two, precisely. Arthur and his gang still craved for their freedom. This is through the troubles made by adverse disasters in their activities outside the camp, which would make Arthur even more attracted to the heart of the new landscapes. RDR2It's hard to focus on exploration and discovery, it would be complimented, regardless of whether the Dutch gang was intertwined.

John Marston discovered the Aztec mask to be the culprit for the zombie attack, but only after tracking on the water, which he proposed very differently. Witchcraft, divine reimbursement, cultists and government experiments could easily bring a convincing narrative, and every point of interest will be brought by Morgan to discover that the infidelity curse is actually alien. Imagine how you tilt when you leave the West where you discover the remains of a working motherhood that rises from the ground where Tumbleweed was once in New Austin. If you were to see that your Arthur, who smashed the revolver, through untouched technological horrors of another kind, would be infinitely content. "You're fine, boyyyyyy," Broken Arthur constantly murmurs for himself, cutting off other worldly creatures who kidnapped and tortured their horse.


There are some frightening moments RDR2, already. I will not spoil them for those who have not yet discovered the terrible divisions of the game, but they exist. My skin crawled a lot of time, and that's it RDR2 without a world built for unnatural terror. If the game engine was used to create all the crunching red sun and the dark sky, where chaos coincides with biblical relationships, there would be little comfort to fall in love with the wild, and any game that fills you with a sense of fear traveling travels good job. I heard that something that pulls against me at night is cool, I promise.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Zombies

It would be interesting to see that Rockstar discourages the exciting marathon sprinting of zombies in favor of the slow, especially because I think they are ready to handle the hordes. Their open postcards are already visible to see, but I constantly imagine that they are coming to the damaged, decaying mass of brain drainage. I think it could be cool if your desired level of noise. Too many arrows and you will attract enough zombies in your area to create with your sights a continuous, slow grinding of meat.

Sasquatch and the four horses of the Apocalypse in the Undead Nightmare were treated as well as other fun creatures living in myths. In addition to unavoidable innocent animals, it would be fun for those legendary hunters RDR2 focus on major American myths. At some stage, I would like to go to Mothman, or move with Saint Denis to find the monstrous house Honey Island, which is striving for abundant preparedness and a little bit of courage.


What is Rockstar's outdoor game without faction? As I have already said, they could be similar to cultivators who fell in love with zombie, pagan witches who have hoped to create powerful elixirs from the meat of an impure, razor-sharp rebel trying to restore society, a school of morally questionable inventors rising on ladders of chaos in the name of science and shadow government officials who know more than those who have left. The purpose of each faction is in direct conflict with each other, which allows many random meetings around the world. Are you telling me that you do not want a cultist who is enthusiastically persecuted in the blood, such as turkey, that a snack is for an undead, so can they also join the collective? What about finding a laboratory in which a sadistic body snatcher tries to create super people with zombie blood? Each of these factions could offer you thematically relevant items, weapons, and clothing when you communicate with them, so it would not be too crazy to see Arthur Morgan, who dictated huge weapons and clothes while drinking supernatural elixirs and shooting strange a weapon based on a light cultist who found the West.


I think that this meat and potato would be of any unconscious horror that Rockstar decided to use. The consolidation of your camp against external crimes would be an interesting feature as long as it is slow, as the maintenance of the camp remained in the original campaign. Consolidations could offer aesthetic changes and increase quality of life, but would not be necessary. Spilling blood, soaked in the plane, would be a real effort if it were so. However, given the Rockstar affinity for maintaining a somewhat realistic survival method in RDR2, what if there was an optional surviving way?

Unlocked after the end of a campaign, you would have the opportunity to start a survival campaign that would give it other addresses to survive the identity crisis. You do not have one, but twenty-two other lives to be searched while swimming in the wild. Here the fortress is really important, because every death would be permanent. Imagine how Sean suffers from a bite from the infected, which gives you a time limit to find or create a medicine before it becomes another wild skin that can ruin it. His bugs could be really worth the trouble, but we're looking at our Irishca, right?

It goes without saying that your own death means you have to pack it, partner. But in typical titles similar to fraud, it is usually rewarding the player to do it in certain parts of the game. RDR2 they can confer perks and objects both for signs and camps to make it through a certain number of days, which will make your next attempt to survive somewhat more favorable. It would also be possible to consolidate wagons when you and your group founded to find new campsite locations, some of which might not have been shown in the original campaign. Promoting the movement could be the dismantling of the necessary supplies and weapons. Weapons should be distributed accordingly, otherwise the members of the camp were stuck with blunt objects in order to prevent the danger from approaching them.

I do not think this is all too ambitious for Rockstar. If anything, you would probably look at my guesswork and say "Aw, it's cute" before blackmailing an experience that is at the top of everyone's expectations. No matter what I want, I hope to see some kind of genre from Rockstar, manipulating the extravagant world they have created.

But I'd like to hear from other people about it. Do you want zombies again, or something else? In your opinion, what features do you have a good addition to potential DLCs? Let me know in the comments.

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