New Zealand victim on the western front during World War I 1 NEWS NOW


The New Zealand victim on the Western Front during the First World War must be respected in a permanent museum.

Nearly 100 years after the war, killing 18,000 kilo soldiers, New Zealand has a permanent venue for the museum to remember them and the first artifact, a rifle that still works, but is now empty.

Greg Moyle is the NZ War Memorial Museum Foundation, "We are the only country that does not have a permanent base in Europe, the Canadians, the Australians, the British, and even the South Africans are located on the western front, so we needed our place, and we want to see a place where young New Zealanders come when they come to Europe.

Trust acquired the historic mayor's residence in Le Quesnoy, a small French city sold by famous soldiers to create huge, enriched walls.

Mayor Le Quesnoy, Marie-Sophie Lesne, said: "The people of Le Quesnoy are very grateful, because the liberators, of course, protected the people, but they also protected the walls, a reverence we should give New Zealand."

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