Lance O 'Sullivan Blasts Healthy Officials Over Handling Deadly Mennonic Outbreak


High-profile Northland doctor Lans O.Sullivan has unleashed on health officials over the handling of the deadly mendocracal outbreak.

He says that he is ashamed of being a doctor in a healthy system that's prizes that benefit the lives of poor children.

Only days after Alexis Albert herself, she died of mendococcal II.

Dr O.Sullivan says she is a major example of another brown kid's death from a spoiled sound system.

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"This is a symptom of being fairly unprepared, we are ahead of the issues, and so we deal with crisis after crisis," he said.

Alexis is one of six meningococcal wettles in the last year – three of which have been in North.

Her mother Rozha Albert says it hurts to know that the government is aware of the outbreak, but it was slow to play.

"My baby would still be here," Ms Albert told Newswatch.

On Monday, it has appeared in a state of medical emergency in a deadly outbreak of a new strains of mendococcal disease.

Health Minister Dr. David Clark shows that from December, children and teenagers in Northland would be vaccinated to deal with the outbreak.

"How did this be handled? Probably as weak as each other as a problem we have that are massive drivers in New Zealand, that is, bad," said Dr O.Sullivan.

"When you have systemic failures that get it wrong all the time for groups of people and you're a part of it, it's not a pride-inducing moment."

On Tuesday, he unleashed his anger on Facebook.

"I never asked her to see another brown child in Nazi held at a health care system," he said.

"This is noticeable to a complete sound system that sees private health companies making millions off the backs of those they are meant to help.

"I'm ashamed to be a doctor in such a ** system."

Public health officials are flying at 20,000 meningococcal vaccinations from overseas, but it will not be enough to go around.

Dr Lance O. Sullivan says that there is a knee cosmetic reaction to a crisis that is already for the year, and a radical overhaul of the health system is necessary to keep more people from the standpoint.

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Jainnd Arenger said on the AM Show, which asked the questions about what Northland DHB had shown to his staff stick to waking up their children six months ago but did not know the public about the deadly illness until Prior month.

"On the face of that you would think that would be a trigger point at least for them to talk to the Ministry of Health, absolutely," she says. "But I can not say that this does not happen."

Mr Arden says that since the outbreak has been declared there's very fast action.

"I can not comment on the timeline in the northwest village of DHB, which I know it was only recently that it was declared by the experts to be in the outbreak," she said thanking Garner.


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