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nokia 5.1


We can not track all phones that Nokia launched this year. It seems that HMD Mobile, a company that now owns the Nokia brand, froze a bit with chalk in the annual meeting of plans.

As a result, Nokia 5.1 is the latest device. It is a low-end middle-class competitor that almost completely focuses on solid construction, multimedia consumption and production. Is the rest of the phone good?

Let's take a look at some of his highs, lapses and rumblings.

Hell, yeah

Svelte, solid design

Like Nokias before, 5.1 is firmly built. This is a piece of scratch-resistant aluminum scratch Corning Gorilla Glass 3 on the front and a textured metal plate at the back. It is also relatively slim at 8.2 mm, so you can easily push it into your pocket.

It's amazing to think that the 5.5-inch smartphones are now labeled "small", but Nokia 5.1 really feels handy.

(This comes from someone who also reviews the Galaxy Note 9 and Huawei Mate 20 Pro.

Headphone jack

It is even more amazing to think that the earphone connector is now classified as a function. But yes, Nokia 5.1 has one of those located on the top of the phone.

In the past, I've been preparing smart smartphone devices to get out of the headphone jack, but it's nice to see that Nokia does not have a completely forgotten demographic view of this device.

No notch on a great 5.5-inch screen

Some user reviews claim that the screen is not a strong suit, but I disagree. Dare, I say that the best advantage of Nokia 5.1.

At 2160 × 1080, the screen's 440-dot-inch screen is great for watching videos at 1080p 60fps. And, processing of power is to a large extent possible, even with relatively dated technologies in the Helio P18 Mediatek.

The light is also bright, unlike the Nokia 7 Plus phone, I can use this phone outside in bright daytime light.

Although this is a great device for media consumption.

A slow but present fingerprint reader

Finally, the best Nokia brand rating to include a fingerprint reader on a lower mid-range device.

It's probably the worst that I used this year, but it also makes it difficult for others to access data if you steal your device. After all, anyone can send their spy code over the shoulder.


A small feature, but often overlooked, NFC will become an extremely important addition to the budget of a smartphone when Google Pay will ever destroy the South African coast. (We live in hope and silence from Google.)

nokia 5.1


Middling 16MP camera

While I said that Nokia has directed this device to media consumers and creators, people will feel a bit short-changed.

The 16MP snapper has f / 2.0 openness and auto-focus phase detection, but it would be hard for you to tap to take a picture that you would be proud of.

Of course, I have to consider that I am slightly defective in terms of the camera's quality of other viewing devices, but objectively, the Nokia 5.1 camera does not set the world screen.

It has problems with shadows and excessively displays the sky when brighter scenes are seen. But if it wakes up on the right side of the bed, the phone captures the depth and details that you could stay on at this price range ignored.

He said that he would work for festivals, birthdays, this day on the beach or a hike to Lion's head. Just gather modest expectations, but prepare for a strange surprise.

Small 2970mAh battery

I understand that HMD Global wanted this phone to be as small as possible, but in 2018, the battery with a capacity of 2970 mAh for anything other than the iPhone is just too small a juice.

Of course you can use the day to use from the Nokia 5.1 phone, but you will have dreams of other, cheaper Nokia – like the Nokia 2 – with a 4000mAh battery.

A larger battery would really be able to set this phone in addition to its rivals in this competitive price range.

Android One, but Android 8.0

Android One provides timely updates from Google, but for some reason Nokia 5.1 still has Android 8.0 and no 8.1 installed.

This is not an agreement on interruption, but only something that needs to be mentioned.

Additionally, while the Android stock is great, be careful that Google presses all of your apps on you when running an OS stock. By the time all of these applications are up to date, you may be left with less than 10 GB of internal memory.

After all, the updates are excellent, but membership in Android One should not be considered an important feature when buying a phone.

Oh nose

2GB / 16GB

Now, for the bad news.

Dear HMD, what do we do to offer a phone with 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal memory in 2018 for the R3599?

This may not happen with sound, but once you've installed your apps, created a cache for Instagram, Reddit, and Chrom use, and saved music and offline bundles, 16GB will feel too much.

There is a card to expand the microSD card, but you will need to buy it. Given that the budget is a phone, this is an additional cost for the consumer.

2 GB of RAM, while it can be operated, is also a standpoint. RAM killers, such as Instagram and Imgur, can encounter problems with shaking on skidding or loading.

There is a 3GB / 32GB version of this phone, but it does not come to South Africa.

nokia 5.1

There is no dual SIM in SA

Even in South Africa, dual SIM versions are not available. Although I want to blame the smartphone manufacturers for this, you should probably get your favorite mobile network on the phone and scream your ear for it.


Again, not a dealer dealer, but you would think that the USB-C will be a more widespread standard at this point in 2018.

MicroUSB is more apparent, but Nokia's competitors lean out new doors to their phones. Why is not HMD?

R3599 price

Finally, the biggest problem I have with Nokia 5.1 is the price. And this is not the first time I'm talking about a smartphone in 2018.

In addition to notches, high screens and more cameras, odd pricing decisions have shaped their own niche on this year's list of the most annoying smartphones.

At R3599, Nokia 5.1 is trying to compete with Huawei P Smart, which quickly became one of the smartest smartphones you can buy this year.

Looking at a slightly lower price class, Huawei Y7 2018, Xiaomi Redmi 6A and a bit dated, but the dual SIM Sony Xperia XA1 is attracting similar specifications at a lower price.

Assessment: Nokia 5.1 comes with this legendary Finnish brand, which is mounted on the back, but when the phone stands next to its rivals, it's hard to be proud of. Although the screen is great and is present with some of the new features, it's hard to recommend Nokia 5.1 when there are many more, and probably better options.

All images: Andy Walker / Gearburn

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