Howard took revenge on Sheldon for Season 7 Incident


Howard Wolowitz (Simon Helberg) finally takes revenge on Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons), without even deliberately doing it, at the latest The Big Bang Theory Episode. In general Sheldon is not really known for treating anyone else. He tries to look down on his colleagues, torture his friends and even his wife. In short, it can hang very much with it. But he did not treat anyone with anybody worse than Howard.

Howard's Sheldon bullying has been for years. While working on the idea that he is intellectually superior to everyone else in his life, he likes to double what it is about Howard – the only boyfriend without a doctorate of science. Although it may not rise to the same academic level of some of his peers, he is, in fact, the only one who has a solid life when working at an international space station. Of course, he earns less than Bernadette (Melissa Rauch), but at the moment he is also the only member of the group that has good work and a life balance.

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Nevertheless, Sheldon loves Howard to load every opportunity he gets. The exciting event of season 7 did not really begin deliberately. In season 7, "Thanksgiving Divorce", Bernadette's father, Mike (Casey Sander), spent a grateful day with a family at Mrs. Wolowitz's house. When he was never able to connect, Howard made a conscious effort to connect with his father. Considering how Howard grew up without a father, he is not as well informed about normal activities and things that his father and son usually associate with. It's no wonder that his plans quickly went south, after he fought for understanding football – something Mike is very interested in.

To make things worse, Sheldon (who gave Howard a hard time throughout the episode), who was easily linked to Mike, grew up with his father, who is also a football coach. It was a coincidence, but this did not help Sheldon and Mike to have fun not only Howard, but also his mother. Bernie and Amy (Mayim Bialik) eventually stepped in to punish a drunken couple and forced them to apologize for their improper behavior.

The incident has since been forgotten and was intertwined with just one of Sheldon and Howard's numerous clashes. It was revived in this week's episode The Big Bang Theory, entitled "Consumer Departure", when Sheldon returned to the new dad, Larry Fowler (Teller). Sheldon intended to make the butter of Larry first before attempting to impress Amy's mother, Mrs. Fowler (Kathy Bates), which is much more terrible. But as expected, Sheldon (who does not know the social significance) did not know that the Fowler patriarch was unhappy all the time he was with him until two of them got up in Howard at the comic book store. There Howard easily won Larry with one magical trick – apparently also a meta-scarf, taking into account Teller's magical roots.

During the entire episode, Larry continued to drive Howard to teach him about his ways, he really wanted to learn how to do it, to Sheldon's jurisdiction. Before some episodes in "Imitation perturbation", Sheldon was carved out of Howard's magical tricks and said no one was interested in them – the words that had now returned to bite him. In the end, Sheldon decided to go to her mother-in-law to connect with her. His plans there were more fruitful, as he and Ms Fowler quickly got into a relaxed relationship. But with Amy, who now seems to intend to spend more time with her parents, she will be interested in whether Sheldon and Larry will be connected.

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