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When Prince and Princess Sussex announced that they are heading to Australia, they are spread across four countries in 16 countries, many of them curious about how they will cope.

Yes, Prince Harry knows exactly what to expect on a big tour – duty, travel, and scheduling – but his new wife, Meghanra, would be a tough challenge.

The engagement program of 76 – in many cities, cities, islands and time zones, without daytime – was certainly complete. Everything was done in Sydney, Dubbo, Melbourne, Fraser Island, Fiji, Tonga, Wellington, Auckland and finally Rotorua.

And from the moment they started working on October 16, we saw that these two were all about …

Meghan and Harry met everywhere – and with Harry's greatest fan

Their popularity is undeniable, and it can simply be measured by thousands of thousands of people who only raise, give or try to take a look at themselves.

Harry, 34, was broadcast when he introduced or talked about Meghan, and of course there was a announcement about his pregnancy, which illuminated the tour from the beginning.

We could see that Harry was gently conducting what might have been an overwhelming experience and it was so comfortable that the sensitivity to the common was common.

The pairs looked cautious and Harry turned on Meghan each time

This is a new era for the "company" – as the royal family is familiar with insiders – and the Sussex is at the forefront of the revolution. They are young, popular, environmentally conscious, they are not afraid to talk about their minds.

Harry has adopted a number of social reasons, while Meghan, 37, is a world-renowned figure whose every moment, equipment, or speech devotes great attention.

The former actress is undoubtedly an advantage to her. The huge, often over-weight, Down Under did not choke. In fact, it seems that was made for it.

Meghan was natural in the tour

His first speeches on the international scene highlighted what we could expect in the future. He was already a feminist and equal rights defender, talking about the right to education and the right to vote for women, and he showed that he supported the armed forces in the Invictus Games.

Harry and Meghan will be happy about how their first big test went.

There are many more attractions, including the infant's arrival in 2019, but the royal couple can look back on the Down Under in the coming years with warm memories.

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Meghan and Harry's royal tour

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