Children open about the "surreal" tour of Taylor Swift


Broods & # 39; Georgia Nott described the performance together with Taylor Swift as a "surrealist" experience.

The local spirit of the sibling, composed of Georgia and Caleb Nott, opened for Swift on the feet of Australia / New Zealand on her famous tour of the world that is coming to Auckland today.

Caleb spoke warmly about Swift Project she's "probably one of the most beautiful people I've ever met.

"She was so welcome to us, especially her entire crew and her what we need, she is immediately done, I do not even mean that we had this on our own tour.

Georgia said that she had met Swift for the first time.


Georgia said that she had met Swift for the first time.

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The couple also performed Newshub Late, where Georgia said that Swift had been fascinated by them for some time.

"She came to our show in LA when we were on the tour of the first album Evergreen. She said that she was a big fan, and from time to time, she somehow supported our music. "

Swift went so far as to say that he listened to his album among everyone [wardrobe] fitting "for the whole year.


Georgia Nott at a presentation with Taylor Swift.

Swift revealed an excitement yesterday evening that she returned to New Zealand, where they sacked and posted in Instagram. "I'll see you tomorrow night Auckland, it was too long! It's a presentation of the @ broodsmusic hill, I'd better scream the voice!"

Tonight's show will be Swift's first show in New Zealand from 2013 Red tour.

According to the statements number fan sites, Swift's renowned global tour with only 47 performances brought 310,852,668 US dollars, making it the second-largest female tour in history. Madonna 85 years old Sticky & Sweet Tour has the first place.

You can purchase tickets for the Swift Prize at Ticketmaster.

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