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Boxing New Zealand will stop participating in the charity box, she said, for some time now, "very real and serious concerns about the safety of the participants".

The management for the amateur and Olympic boxing said in the statement that he was also concerned about the lack of consistent regulation.

"While most promoters of these events perform very professionally, we can not impose the same level of limitations and guidelines, we would place them on the organizers of amateur events."

An internationally accredited Boxing Judge has said that people have to train at least one year before joining the ring.

Kain Parsons was twice stunned before he was rejected on Saturday night.
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Comments David Craig came after the death Wednesday in Kain Parsons, who was injured at a charity boxing event at the end of the week.

Such boxing matches were on the rise – and the 12-week course was not ready enough for people who are planning to fight, Craig said.

"We should work at least one year worth of training from personal experience. It's not just a matter of preparedness, but a matter of skill and whether you will know it or not if you have the opportunity to enter and challenge your skills with another fighter."

Mr Craig knew the judge who controlled the match, and said that someone who was criticized for interruptions was struggling too quickly but not allowed to continue for too long.

"I do not think this was an issue that happened or what was necessarily happening in the ring, it's probably the process of these boys and girls who bring in the ring."

Probably more stringent measures were needed.

"I would like to see an effective assurance of fitness to prove that they have been adequately trained and that they are at the level of ability to be able to enter the ring," he said.

Authentic research has shown that the headgear did not contribute to the reduction of cone injury for three reasons.

This made the head a bigger target, blocked peripheral visibility and offered a level of satisfaction because people were more inclined to take a blow to the head.

Mr Craig did not think that the issue of gloves was an issue, but he had to be new when sanctioning the gloves. He did not believe that this year in Auckland would be a charity boxing match.

He said after what happened in Christchurch, it would have been more cautious about who was in the ring.

He expressed condolences to the family Kain Parsons, offered by the entire boxing fraternity.

Interior Minister Tracey Martin has asked officials to review rules on boxing matches.

There were calls for change and a conversation with a wider fraternity was needed.

She supported the calls for a boxing order for fitness and said she liked the suggestion of Mr Craig about a boxing order for fitness.

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